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hearthstone Hearthstone EU: February 2016 Standings Plus J4CKIECHAN's Injured Camel Hunter

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Blizzard have published the final standings from Ranked Play Season 23 on the Europe server. They have also updated the standings page for Hearthstone World Championship (HWC) Points. Innovator J4CKIECHAN topped the rankings using his Injured Camel Hunter deck, included below.

The final day of the season was an unusual one. In a meta considered stale by many, Nick Chipper took the top spot early on the final day using the out of favour Face Hunter (List available in this Tweet). Later in the day, J4CKIECHAN overtook him using Injured Camel Hunter. J4CKIECHAN made his name thanks to his work on Egg Druid, and it is great to see him do well with another unusual deck.

The top 20 EU ladder rankings for Season 23 were as follows:


A post on Reddit showed the moment J4CKIECHAN reached Rank 1 Legend, complete with decklist.


Sottle's guide to this deck will be available soon.

As it was the first month of the Spring Season, the HWC standings are very similar to the final Ranked Play Standings. Hoej and Rdu are the notable players in the top ten who were not in the top twenty on the other list. Looking further down though, the list is again stacked with many big names, and the Spring Preliminaries already look to be shaping up nicely.


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