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hearthstone Hearthstone: ESL Legendary Series Round-Up and Winning Decklists

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ESL Legendary Series 2016 was held in Katowice, Poland on Saturday. Eight players had qualified through open qualifiers. AKA Wonder emerged as the winner of the $5,000 and 15 HCT points, beating SilverName in the final. The tournament was played as a single elimination event. The format was best of five Conquest with a ban.

The qualified players were: SilverName, Zhivo, Lucky Shadow, Elscouta, Doky, AKA Wonder, Espumito, and Impact.

AKA Wonder, of SKGaming, was the biggest name in the event, but he didn't have it easy in the early rounds. In the first round he was 2-0 down to Doky, before sweeping Tempo Mage with his lineup of Midrange Druid, Secret Paladin and ZooLock. He was also 2-1 behind in the semi final against Espumito.

He had an easier time in the final, getting a 3-0 win over SilverName. He managed to beat Patron with both Paladin and Zoo, before winning a Druid mirror to seal the victory. He later tweeted the three decks that he used in the event. (His Mage was banned in every round).


AKA Wonder has been a consistent tournament performer since the middle of last year, and this result puts him into the top 50 career prize money winners for Hearthstone.

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