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hearthstone Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: Randomonium

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This week's Tavern Brawl is called "Randomonium". It is a Brawl that has featured twice before. You do not need to use your own collection for this Brawl, as it uses randomly built decks from the class you choose.

After choosing your class, you will be given a deck built from neutral and class cards from the class you have chosen. At the start of each turn your cards will change mana costs. They will never change to 0, or above their original cost, which means that cards often get significantly cheaper. This creates some ridiculously strong early game plays.

Something that many players like about this Brawl is the speed of the matches. With powerful cards costing small amounts of mana, many games end rapidly. The best response to a turn one Dr. Boom, for example, is often to concede and play another game. This means that players can clear daily quests efficiently to build up gold.

Although it is a shame that there are no spoiler hints in the Brawl, it is good to see the return of Brawls that don't involve your own collection. I believe that these are good for newer players and should be used about half of the time.
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