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hearthstone Hearthstone New Feature: Deck Recipes

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Blizzard have announced that there will soon be a feature called "Deck Recipes", which has been designed to be a major improvement to the existing Deck Helper feature.

Currently the Deck Helper is not very helpful at all, offering seemingly random cards within a series of categories. Blizzard have improved on that by giving an in-game listing of three preset decklists, or recipes, for each class. One of those recipes will use only Basic and Classic cards to aid newer players, while the other two will be themed and designed to promote synergy between the cards in the recipe.

If you don't own all of the cards to follow the recipe, the "greatly improved" Suggest a Card feature will give suggestions from the cards you do own. The example they give leaves me slightly sceptical about this improvement, as Kobold Geomancer and Loot Hoarder might be better replacement suggestions for Bloodmage Thalnos. Without the recipe lists though, it is difficult to really make judgements in advance, so I'll take Blizzard's word for it for now.


The three descriptions of recipes given are: a Rogue deck that uses Malygos to boost spell damage, a Trap Hunter deck, and a Murloc Shaman deck. It will be interesting to see how powerful these decks are. All of the recipes will be usable in Standard, and will be updated to keep up with new card pools.

Of course, Sottle's Guides already have decklists for all levels of play, and include card substitution suggestions.
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