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hearthstone Hearthstone: Patch 4.2 This Month

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We are expecting a Hearthstone patch this month, which will include the Thai localisation and possibly some new features, like deck slots. Don't get too excited though: it's not going to contain the new expansion nor Standard format.


Along with the recent announcement of Hearthstone Thailand, its Facebook page revealed that this new localisation will be part of Patch 4.2 that will come out this March. Obviously, a lot of people are wondering what else is going to be part of this patch and when exactly in March it is going to be released.


Reddit user Wambo1992 has summarised in this thread his theories on the upcoming patch. It is unlikely that it will contain the new expansion and Standard format. However, it might contain changes to classic cards. According to the top comment by SkIX, it's quite probable that Patch 4.2 will contain deck slots, since Blizzard had mentioned that deck slots would arrive before the new expansion. Perhaps, we'll also get to see the recently announced deck recipes.


The date of Patch 4.2 isn't certain, at all. An interesting point was made by Wambo1992 in the original post, where he theorised that there will be a significant amount of time between Patch 4.2 and the next update that will bring the expansion and Standard format.


This is all in the realm of speculation, of course. Perhaps the devs will enlighten us a bit tomorrow in their special announcement!

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