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Help with my Fire Mage

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So, I have not been playing long..That aside, I think my DPS sucks, and I am not sure why in my character info it has two DPS ratings, one rating under Melee, which is 1,911 and the other DPS rating is under Ranged which is N/A...So do I only pay attention to the DPS rating under Melee? Also, Do I only pay attention to the stats, such as Crit Chance, under the Spell section of my character info? And what should my DPS Be at 90? Thank you for your help!

My Stats:

Item level-472







Spell POwer-16796

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I would risk a guess, but I think your Hit Chance for spell is far too low (it should be around 16%) and your Mastery is also kind of too high (since Mastery is the less DPS increasing status for fire mage), which might lead to you missing too much spells and not criting them a lot.

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Hit rating should be 15.00% (5100 rating). This is your first priority. Your DPS will go up significantly with no missed spells.

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Zackiepoo, are you wanting increased dps for raids or dungeons?

The dps ratings you refer to are only weapon dps which has no bearing on your mage class so you can ignore them.

I want to preface this next comment with "Play what you enjoy" with that being said at your ilvl, I would highly recommend going frost. It's a more consistent dps spec and it's aoe is capability is really good. Fire is my favorite spec (always has been) however it requires quite a high crit rating for it to shine. My best advice is to read over the rotation page of your mage spec on the Icy-veins class page. Rotation and uptime (time you are actually casting and not waiting) are the biggest factors in all dps.

Please write back if we can clarify or expand upon anything further. Posted Image

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Well first of all, I know this is an old post but seeing as no one was able to give him a straight answer I'll do my best.

First off, the only stats that you want to pay attention to in the character info pane are the ones under the tabs of Spells and Attributes. The dps numbers you were getting from melee and ranged are for melee classes and hunters respectively.

Second, you first want to reach the hit cap for whichever style of play you want to play. 5% for pvp and 15% for dungeons or raiding. I would personally use to take care of all of that for you including gems, and enchants.

I have to agree with Vladamyr, knowing your rotation and having good uptime on fights are a lot of the major factors in achieving high damage. I follow the ABC's Always Be Casting.

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