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Note I have Koralon's Burning TouchKoralon's Burning Touch Shard of the ExodarShard of the Exodar Darckli's Dragonfire DiademDarckli's Dragonfire Diadem 
I have the 4-set but they are very low item level version. 

I am looking for any suggestions for improvement as I have been out of the game for a lot of legion due to RL and I am trying to prepare for ToS

  Here is a list of available gear



### Gear from Bags
# Bonespeaker Cowl (890)
# head=,id=134216,bonus_id=3413/1808/1552/3337
# Hood of Everburning Knowledge (875)
# head=,id=138312,bonus_id=3514/1472/1813
# Hood of Indignation (890)
# head=,id=137502,bonus_id=3416/1542/3336
# Chain of the Underking (875)
# neck=,id=134495,enchant_id=5439,bonus_id=1727/1527/3337
# Stormcharged Choker (875)
# neck=,id=134497,bonus_id=3510/1527/3336
# Amulet of the Last Guardian (880)
# neck=,id=142207,bonus_id=3415/1492/3528
# Talisman of True Treasure Tracking (60)
# neck=,id=27944
# Mantle of Everburning Knowledge (865)
# shoulder=,id=138321,bonus_id=3520/1462/3336
# Amice of Cruel Laughter (905)
# shoulder=,id=137503,bonus_id=3418/1557/3337
# Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu'lon (600)
# back=,id=102246,enchant_id=5302,upgrade=4,gem_id=115806
# Tunic of Smoldering Ire (870)
# chest=,id=137352,bonus_id=3415/1522/3337
# Robes of Fluctuating Energy (900)
# chest=,id=140848,bonus_id=3445/1497/3528
# Tuxedo Shirt (1)
# shirt=,id=10034
# Magtheridon's Banished Bracers (940)
# wrist=,id=138140,bonus_id=3455/1811
# Gloves of Everburning Knowledge (860)
# hands=,id=138309,bonus_id=3520/1457/3528
# Cord of the Sea-Caller (890)
# waist=,id=134433,bonus_id=3417/1542/3336
# Ley-Touched Cord of the Fireflash (880)
# waist=,id=147253,bonus_id=1693/3574/1672/3337
# Night Dreamer Leggings (885)
# legs=,id=139088,bonus_id=3573/1547/3336
# Shard of the Exodar (940)
# finger1=,id=132410,enchant_id=5427,bonus_id=1811/3530
# Signet of the Highborne Magi (880)
# finger1=,id=134537,bonus_id=3414/1532/3528
# Sephuz's Secret (940)
# finger1=,id=132452,bonus_id=1811/3530
# Whispers in the Dark (880)
# trinket1=,id=140809,bonus_id=3515/1477/3528
# Erratic Metronome (885)
# trinket1=,id=140792,bonus_id=3443/1482/3337
# Pharamere's Forbidden Grimoire (895)
# trinket1=,id=140800,bonus_id=3516/1492/3336
# Time-Lost Artifact (496)
# trinket1=,id=103678
# Icon of Rot (885)
# trinket1=,id=140798,bonus_id=3514/1482/3336
# Corrupted Starlight (885)
# trinket1=,id=137301,bonus_id=3510/1537/3337
# Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest (397)
# main_hand=,id=71086,enchant_id=5331,gem_id=32221/32221/32221
# Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole (200)
# main_hand=,id=44050


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      So, I got sick of the low dps that frost mage was providing in dungeons and was getting killed frequently. Others in my parties would get very frustrated with me. I didn't blame them.
      Today I switched to Fire mage. Of course, I'm not familiar with all the spells but WOW. I tried killing some withered in Suramar just to test it out and they demolished me. Ice Barrier was always my go-to as Frost and if my shield went down before I could recast, I'd cast Mirror Image to take the damage for me.
      (I HATE that mages have no in-combat heal)
      Looking for help. Tell me if you need me to post anything. Like I said; total newbie. Most acronyms frighten me and there are lots of terms I don't know, lol.
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      please take a look at the logs ( https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/LGQfTc47XwkdtYzj#fight=1&type=summary&source=16 ) and help me figure out where i am going wrong.
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      DPS Link: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/A6fj98ZJCQbW3htV/#fight=2
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