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Want some extra info on the nexus and it's changes? DodgeRollGames is here to help!

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We over at DodgeRollGames are constantly doing Heroes of the Storm videos to help examine and keep tabs with the state of the meta and the current strength and weaknesses of many of the characters on Heroes.  We have just started an A-Z series that we think is going to be very unique.  Instead of just the one video on each Hero we are letting each member of DodgeRollGames that knows a hero to not only show off what that hero can do, but also maybe a new build to give you a new play style with that hero.  Come join us, we look forward to working with you guys!

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Bunch of changes have arrived in the nexus.  BoneDisaster's long awaited tank reworks have dropped on the PTR.  We did this patch as the information was released, before the PTR dropped.  Discussing the changes coming, and the newest characters entering the Storm!  This is just one of the multiple Heroes video released recently, but as it's our first actual podcast we're excited to bring it to you guys!  Come join us!

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Interesting stuff, best of luck in the future with your other videos!

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Thanks a lot!  We're doing our best! :D    

In our special A-Z series we're not only looking at each hero, but we try to shed some light on different builds for a couple of our favorites.  Anub'arak is one of them with Kolosalus touching up on another build for the big scurry bug!  This built is focused more around keeping yourself alive and causing as much trouble for the enemy team as possible.  I mean, it's Kolo people, nuff said. :D

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In our most recent A-Z video, we're taking at look at the new and improved Lich King!  Arthas is back and with a heck of a vengeance!  Purplegragon and BoneDisaster do their best to show off a couple of the builds that work really well with the new Lich King.  If all else fails, he brings a bunch of CC (in the form of slows and roots) to any team.  Come join us!

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Instead of doing our normal post concerning the videos we got releasing on the channel thought I would share something a little extra special with you guys!  Our FB page is now set up with an App that links you directed to our videos on youtube!  BoneDisaster's wife set it up and got it going, and man is it cool!  Come check this out!

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Posted (edited)

Today on our A-Z series we've fallen on top of Brightwing, the faeriest dragon in the Nexus.  We've got Kolosalus doing his normal support thing, and showing just how good she can be on the support/utility side of things.  Come join us as we jump around the map and heal the crap outta everyone whether they want it or not!  



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      Fever is currently recruiting for our Heroes of the Storm section. We are a multi-gaming clan focused on creating a mature and fun environment in our community. We use a Teamspeak server,, additionally we have an in-game channel for Heroes of the Storm (/join feverclan). We host weekly game nights where we have fun with custom games or brawls. If you're interested in becoming a part of our community, you can also check us out at

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