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hearthstone Hearthstone: StreamMe Deck Gauntlet 2.0 Team Event

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The second StreamMe Deck Gauntlet event takes place today, May 28th, on the StreamMe streaming platform. Thirty two of the best players in the world are competing in teams of two, to find who has the strongest team. The format is best of five Last Hero Standing, with a ban.

In the previous edition of the event, players ended up having to use their teammate's deck lists. Powder ended up winning the event, using decks made by AKAWonder. This time around, the players will be truly working as a team. Only one player can play each individual game, and the team has to decide which player that will be.

The teams battling it out for the $5,000 Prize Pool are:   Faramir,   BunnyHoppor

Na`Vi:   Surrender,   Hoej

Fade2Karma:   Dethelor,   J4ckiechan

Complexity:   Crane333,   Loyan

SK Gaming:   Spo,   Powder

Tempo Storm:   Gaara,   Eloise

Celestial:   Neobility,   SilentStorm

Hearthlytics:   JAB,   Muzzy

Dignitas:   Blackout,   Kranich

GamersLeague:   Diggen,   Devou

ANOX:   Iner,   Silvername

Archon:   Zalae,   Amnesiac

Cloud9:   Ek0p,   Ddahyoni

Team Preparation:   Grimmjow,   Mlasic

SALTBOYS:   Radu,   Chakki

Team Liquid:   Sjow,   Neirea 

The event will be broadcast over two days on Stream.Me, and the casters will be TJ, and myself.





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