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Hello everyone,

In this post i am gonna show you my Heroes of the Storm Epic Moments series.
This series is about epic/funny/wtf/etc moments that fellow Murlocs around the world send to me to make montages about them.

I hope you like it. Please tell me your opinion about it and of course send me your own moments(via replays files with details) here: beardedMurloc@gmail.com

Mrgmargmal ♥



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      It's been a while but I am back with another video for you! I have fallen in love with Junkrat for a while now so here's some plays for you!
      Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment/like/subscribe on YouTube as well! Thank you!
    • By RyGiL
      Hi all, long time lurker here at icy-veins. I'm trying to gauge interest and gather feedback on a tool I've created named Storm Replayer which allows you to upload your replay file, pick a character, and, after the length of time of your replay, watch your replay on YouTube. I've got an early version of this working right now and was looking to get a little feedback on really the idea of it and it's usefulness before I spend more time/money developing additional features.
      After uploading your replay file, you'll get notified via @StormReplayer that your video is ready on the Storm Replayer YouTube channel. Feel free to check it out and let know what you think. There's a few videos of myself already up on the channel if you wanna check those out. 
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      I'm still kind of new to Heroes of the Storm and I would like to know what are the strongest or best hero combinations for duo lanes, or is it impossible to say without knowing the map?
      Difficulty does not matter (with the exception of TLV) as both my friend and I are experienced from other MOBAs.
      I know that every hero guide has a list of heroes that have synergy with them, but I don't know what are the best synergies in the entire game.
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      New video out! This time it is Reaper that will spread madness at the map, killing everyone! :D
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      Hello! If this is already a feature, my mistake! Please direct me to it! Otherwise, here goes.

      I'd love a feature wherein one could select a talent and see all heroes with said talent. For example, your opponent just selected Zagara? Go to Icy Veins, select Burning Rage, select one of the listed heroes, and get rid of all those pesky creep tumors. Your opponent just doubled down with ETC and Dibbles? Go to Icy Veins, select Giant Killer (ideally with variations listed as well), take a listed hero, and sweep up.

      Thanks for your consideration!