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Just got back to the game few days ago after 2 years break.

Im wondering how good is the protection paladin?

Im new to tanking and only lvled as protection before my break. But i have decided to try and tank a dungeon, so I hope to get a few advices here before i start taking on the great task of tanking :)

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It's good enough to be competitive, although it's not crazy OP like Warriors are at the moment.

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3 hours ago, Keerith said:

It's good enough to be competitive, although it's not crazy OP like Warriors are at the moment.

I would have agreed with you before tonight.

I managed to solo Helya on Mythic for about 8% of her HP as a Prot Paladin with 842 item level. Our self-sustain is CRAZY right now. Solid damage, solid tanking and honestly, @Hoejtoft, I haven't had this much fun in game before. I love the playstyle right now.

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On 9/27/2016 at 0:28 PM, Hoejtoft said:


This is my current setup on my tank. What stat do you guys recommend lowering for more Vers?

Have tanked Eye of Azu a few times and it have gone okay... did loose agro sometimes :(

Currently, you just want to get rid of as much Crit/Mastery as you can and get Vers instead. Keep as much Haste as possible.

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    • By Glorion
      yesterday i completed my set pieces for the "Fortitude of nightborne " - set.
      Both pieces are only itemlevel 840.
      This is my current equip --> http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/eredar/Glóriòn/advanced
      My question is now and i'm really not sure:
      Is it worth to use it because of the set bonus or not in comparison to the current breast and shoulder?
      Thanks in advance for your hints.
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      I recently switched from DK Tank to Paladin Tank (Similar stat prios) and I was wondering how much haste should I aim for and is Versatility more important than Haste like AskMrRobot says? 
      I raid twice a week but I mainly do M+ Content and I seem to be stuck at M+7 so if you have any advice there I will gladly take it. 
      Here's a link to my Paladin. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/eonar/Stenbock/simple
      I am in my raid spec currently and I switch my lvl 100 talent to Last Defender when I do M+.
      Any help is appreciated. :)
    • By donaging
      Hi guys,
      I'm trying to use an uncommon build: Crit - mastery - versatility - haste - because I thought to max my dps without lose too much survivality.
      These are my stats atm, with 2 different trinket.
      What do you think? am I doing a huge mistake?
      I'm 4/7 HC without problem, but i can't find a good trinket so i'm thinking that maybe i'm going to a wrong direction.

    • By Deathyield
      So the two stat priorities basically either favor Versatility/Haste(for the survivability spec) Or Crit/haste (for the damage build). Im conflicted with what is more beneficial in heroic/mythic raid content. Especially since most trinkets/gear in EN/Nighthold have crit on them. Does anyone know if its more beneficial to start leaning more toward the dps build as you progress through higher level content, or to just keep sticking with being a brick wall with the Survivability build (haste/Vers).

      When I compare the two as far as raw survivability totally taking dps weights out of the equation, the vers/haste build of course gives you a constant damage taken reduction, though im not sure if the versatility has any baring on how much Hand of the Protector (the % based heal) heals for

      Where as the Crit build You dont have that raw survivbility from that versatility, however you do get parry which totally negates physical attacks, and also making the Hand of the Protector heal for more if it crits. Only drawback i see is the fact that now you simply take more damage, but at the same time if you are doing higher tier content shouldnt the healers be able to pick up that slack?

      TL;DR Is the crit build more viable for higher tier content as opposed to the Versatility build due to your raw damage output/parry chance, Or is the Versatility build more viable then the Crit one due to the raw damage taken reduction you get from it.
    • By Teitheas
      Ive been following what this site have suggested in terms of stats:
      im currently at 23% vers 7% haste 19% mastery 11% crit, at what point do i have enough vers? and also how important is Vers in terms of giving up on other stats.?
      any input will be of help.