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Hi, as a balance druid i have trouble understanding when to cast starsurge and how to manage astral power. Most of the what i've read on forums and guides they usually write something like this "When you have no active trinket procs or cooldowns, delay casting starsurge, new moon, half moon and full moon as much as possible without going over 100 astral power or reaching 3 charges of moon spells. Likewise, you will want to prioritize those spells when you do have cooldowns or trinket procs active." 

Source : http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2057653-Balance-Gebuz-s-Balance-Druid-Guide-(Legion-PvE) ( Rotation --> advanced.) 

But what if you have trinkets that have a chance to inflict/summon stuff to damage your enemies? Wouldnt that be a dps loss if i wait with starsurge when none of my trinkets procs? My trinket are at the moment ilvl 850 Naraxa's spiked tounge and ilvl 885 unstable Horrorslime both which have a chance to inflict/summon stuff to damage your enemies. 

i follow the icy-veins rotation on balance druids and that works great, usually top dps in raids but with starsurge i have trouble finding out what's the best way for me to use it. 

Here are one of my logs from heroic Nythendria : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/FPVZGm8dBNXHT4gz#type=damage-done&source=27
Is their anything i can improve dps wise. 

My armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Shandira/simple

Thank you and have a good day. 

P.S english is not my main language. 

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Yes, it would be a DPS loss, you are correct. The advice from MMO only applies if you have proc effect trinkets and even then, you'll still Starsurge to stop yourself from capping on AP.

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Posted (edited)

Strange I don't have this issue. I find myself casting starsurge asap otherwise I'll lack empowerments. That makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

This thing is: the astral power gained from the 2 empowered lunar wrath and lunar strike do not generate enough astral power to cast starsurge again. So I cannot have a continuous solar ->lunar->starsurge.

Even when I'm firing new moons as they pop, I will find myself out of astral power eventualy during the fight. Is their something I missed about generating astral power ?

Edit: figured what was wrong, I was missing the talent blessing of the ancient (+25% astrat pow)

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The only time when you should be pooling for AP and save a double starsurge is if you know you will have to move very soon.

Example :

1. You get the Rot on Nythendra.
2. As soon as you have it, start casting your Moon spells, and empowered LS/SW to cap your AP.
3. Move while casting your first Starsurge, pop your healthstone or defensive cooldown (Barkskin)
4. Drop the rot away from your raid.
5. Cast again Starsurge while you reposition out of the green area and go back to your usual rotation.

In alternative you can also refresh your dots (but I wouldn't suggest it if they are not expiring soon)

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