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Today I found out about SimCraft in combination with the addon pawn (thanks finalboss for the video!).

But my main question is: What are the "best" options to simulate with my prot warrior and get a proper stat weight and pawn string for a tank?

I currently have the following settings (plots and reforge are disabled):



buffs and debuffs.jpg



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Seems like a sensible config. I just found out I can sim a tank myself and it gave versatility a weight 8 times higher than other stats, is the simcraft bugged or am I doing something wrong? What weights are you getting?

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Simcraft might not be finished for protection warriors yet since on the website it says:  !Protection is still a work in progress!

So right now it might be better to just guess the stat ranking since simcraft either returns negative stats or all under -0,02

This is just what i think and would like for someone who knows more about simcraft to confirm.

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On 8-10-2016 at 11:00 PM, Hitry said:

What weights are you getting?


On 9-10-2016 at 2:24 PM, Wickedwar said:

since simcraft either returns negative stats 

That's what I'm getting

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