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The final non-Chinese server qualifier before BlizzCon takes place this weekend. We have listed the players and their decklists in this article, as well as a closer look at Fr0zen's unusual lineup.

The format of the event is single elimination best of seven Conquest. The eight top points earners over the entire HCT year will be taking part, with the winner going to BlizzCon. The players, their HCT points for the year, and their deck archetypes are shown below.

muzzy (120): Token Druid, Mid Hunter, Tempo Mage, Malygos Rogue, Mid Shaman

Fr0zen (116): Camel Hunter, N'Zoth Paladin, Priest, Reno Warlock, C'Thun Warrior

Fr0zen's lineup is an interesting one as he has decided to counter Warrior incredibly strongly. If this lineup runs into Warrior, the plan is to win every game against it and not worry as much about the other classes. With Warrior being a popular class at the moment, it will be interesting to see how this works out for him. 

chessdude123 (102): Malygos Druid, Mid Hunter, Freeze Mage, Mid Shaman, Control Warrior

Bbgungun (101): Token Druid, Face Secret Hunter, Tempo Mage, Mid Shaman, Zoo Warlock, 

Nostam (101): Malygos Druid, Secret Hunter (list below), Tempo Mage, Aggro Shaman, Pirate Warrior


Neobility (96): Malygos Druid, Camel Hunter, Tempo Mage, Mid Shaman, N'Zoth Warrior

SilentStorm (94): Malygos Druid, Tempo Mage, Mid Shaman, Zoo Warlock, C'Thun Warrior

noblord (93): Ramp Druid, Tempo Mage, Mid Shaman, Zoo Warlock, Control Warrior


The event begins on PlayHearthstone's Twitch from 9pm PDT, which is Midday CEST.

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Why is OMG A PRIEST DECK IN A SANCTIONED TOURNAMENT is not all over the preview?

All eyes are on fr0zen at the moment, regardless of how memeing you are. Good news is that he manages to dodge the only non-Control Warrior in the Ro8. Honestly, I haven't seen a 5-deck targeting lineup in a long time, so that would be a delight regardless of outcomes.

But honestly, this Last Call looks like the best in terms of player quality. Here we have 8 really good players who can win the whole thing each. I'm hyped up!

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Nostam plays an unusual-ish secret hunter w/ Leeroy and Rag, pirate warrior and aggro shaman. I think those are some interesting choices.

I really wonder how this will work in tournament.

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1 hour ago, FanOfValeera said:

Nostam plays an unusual-ish secret hunter w/ Leeroy and Rag, pirate warrior and aggro shaman. I think those are some interesting choices.

I really wonder how this will work in tournament.

Yeah, Nostam brought something that was similar to fr0zen - a focused, targeting line-up, albeit with Aggresive decks. That was a good strategic idea.

Spoiler :


But they are both out of competition in the Ro8. FeelsBadMan.


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The hype was real, but the emotional rollercoaster is just too much :(

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