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wow Patch 7.1 To Introduce More Solo Activities

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While Patch 7.1 provides a lot of group content, Nahkampfgnome was curious to ask about additions to solo play.

Despite World of Warcraft is a MMORPG, some prefer to play it as a solo RPG.

  • He wonders whether the Suramar quest line added with 7.1 justifies the monthly subscription fee.
  • As a person who sticks to matchmaking and won't use Group Finder, the content gating seems to be limited to Mythic & Raiding in Legion, adopting a "Mythic or die" (or "Mythic, raid or die") nature.
    • E.g. new and existing dungeons being limited to Mythic difficulty (Karazhan, the Arcway etc.).
  • Another concern are World Quests. Will there be any new World Quests in 7.1 and will they offer steady item progression? 

We've got a satisfying answer as Patch 7.1 will introduce more solo gameplay oriented activities. A preview of such activities should be up soon.

Blizzard LogoAerythlea

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG. Means, a massive multiplayer online role playing game. 

I play World of Warcraft as a solo player RPG, and group content only using Matchmaking. For me, the game is played best if i dont have to stick to a group of players. 

That wasnt always my preferred playstyle. In classic, i joined a raiding guild. I sticked to a guild up to catacylsm end, and left it at the end of Mists, when my final conclusion of all those organized gaming years was, that it is just not worth to have to stick to a group of people for longer than needed, to just see the content itself without the idea to have a shared schedule with people who could leave anytime using a simple realm transfer. I was not willing to invest any kind of commitment anymore just to be able to kill some pixel bosses.

I hate the new group finder. It is the worst version of a group setup tool which ever was implemented into World of Warcraft. Not catering to those who wish to gear up, but only for those, who already own the best gear and just need to grind up higher difficulty levels. It effectively locks out players with lower ilvl gear.

I like matchmaking. It is the golden path to gaming fun for a soloist like me. I may see the content, and dont have to attach to a group of people who only would see my purpose as a functioning soldier in a raid, while blizzard talks about "playing with friends". I only have to have a ilvl to be able to join the queue, and there is just no exaggerated ilvl prerequisite as like in the group finder.

That said, taking a look on 7.1, i wonder:

What is that patch bringing for me? Someone who wont use the group finder, who would want to stick to matchmaking? Someone who was used to run dungeons with the LFG tool, while legion started to limit dungeons to "mythic" mode, which is quite a bad return to content gating based on difficulty, which already failed in the burning crusade.. but which wasnt enough obviously so blizzard could learn for the future of their MMORPG.

Is the new suramar quest chain enough to justify a monthly subscription to a game that does not really want to offer me content? Or should i stop playing now as the only interesting thing, as usual, will be organized content (mythic dungeons, raids) at the mid and end period of the current expac?

Will there be a whole bunch of new world quests coming 7.1? Will world quests continue to offer a steady item progression without the need for "raid or die" (or in Legion "mythic dungeon or raid or die")?

Thanks for reading. If you think, a soloist should not play a MMORPG, you are wrong. As it both contains "MMO" and "RPG", and as multiplayer is not explicitly limited to organized content only.

We're working on more activities tailored towards the solo-player. Details about solo-player activites coming in 7.1 will be revealed soon, stay tuned. :)

It bothers me that Blizzard spend their time and my money on pleasing people who think that WoW somehow become Single Player RPG suddenly instead or preparing some group content for actual players.

I'm not sure I follow this line of thought. Legion has come with a lot of group content - particularly content tailored toward parties with the Mythic Keystone system.

Patch 7.1 includes new World Quests, the Karazhan Mythic Dungeon and the Trial of Valor raid - it's hardly devoid of group content.


World Quests

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the story line, to me, feels more single player.  More phasing and stuff is great, keeps it exciting, but its hard to jump in and start helping someone else quest if youre on a different area/portion. 

Minor complaint, however.  Throwing in the mythics/dungeon requirements feels... idk...  more like an afterthought.  Still better than WoD I think, however.

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So people want to play WoW the same way Old Republic has been doing for years?

A problem with Old Republic, as many who played the game suggested, was precisely because of the emphasis on solo contents, although many who first tried Old Republic expected it to be like WoW, which focused a lot on group/raid contents.

If WoW goes for more solo contents (although with the artifact quest line, it very much suggests that you are THE savior already), some might start to complain about the lack of group/raid contents. A game can't have everything, I just hope Blizz doesn't swing too far from group/raid, since most of its players are looking for group/raids.

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"Look at me! I am special snowflake and you should cater for my antisocial needs!"

Jesus, even his guild is named Special Snowflakes and it's only him and his alts.

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Massive MULTIPLAYER Online Role Playing Game

/cry not enough solo content

You don't like it, unsub. I don't think Blizz is going to lose any sleep. Go play a console game.

Edited by Kharth

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There's no need to feel so butthurt over someone expressing their thoughts/concerns, this won't take away your precious MMO experience so don't worry.

The main point I take away from this is different perceptions people have of the group finder and the auto matchmaking. Making it possible to auto-queue up for Mythic (normal) dungeons as well, instead of forcing people to the group finder, would be quite a big change already for some/a lot of people.

The complaint about group finder could easily be countered with 'make your own group then', which is perfectly valid, but also rather narrowminded. There's a much bigger mental barrier of sorts to creating and organizing your own group rather than just hitting a button that'll put you with people having similar goals; completing content without the worries of a 'perfect' group.

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Opinion on group vs solo content:

Most casual, semi-hardcore guilds will only allocate a dedicated time for raiding. What you do the rest of the time is up to each member. I solo questing (leveling, world quests, Suramar etc) because not all my friends have a dedicated time when they are also doing the same activity.

If you have less than 4 hours a day to play, and are playing on multiple characters and specs, you cannot be competitive with other people due to player-specific progression (Artifact, Reputations, Honor level, Gear etc).

Opinion on the group finder:

When looking for a Mythic+ group, the leader decides on restrictions regarding applications. They normally follow the norm of "please whisper your achievement", but they still only invite players due to how their class performs on the content (Fire Mage, WW Monk, MM Hunters in Mythic+), which is unfair to current under-preforming classes. Things start getting stupid when they ask "Please link your legendary / Mythic Level 10".

In WoD and MoP we had the Proving Grounds as a filter to check if they can at least play their spec correctly.

LFR will still be labelled "Looking for Re**rds" when you see people not being able to complete their bronze proving grounds.


I saw that Blizzard has updated their voice chat functionality, perhaps they should allow you to create a chat group when listing on the group finder. This will allow some form of communication in pugs.

Proving grounds are still there, when listing on Group Finder the leader should be able to see your current level on proving ground. Perhaps they should add your current progression on the content you are going to do (Completed Mythic level 7) etc.

Unsure if your proving ground achievement has been reset for the new expansion.

They should add more mechanics to proving grounds and make the mechanics more spec focused.
Mechanics like: Interrupt dangerous Spell, move out of Hazard, burst down priority adds, purge an buff (if your class can).

I like the fact that dungeons alternate between paths, affecting the order in which you clear the dungeon. Also the Mythic plus affixes provides an unique experience every week. When are we getting affixes in raiding? (totally evil emoticon)

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12 hours ago, PatrickHenry said:

Still better than WoD I think, however.

For me, this is key. As long as they are learning, I'm fine with it not being perfect yet!

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15 minutes ago, Archimage said:

"Please link your legendary".

This is the one that gets to me the most, tbh. This is absolutely nothing a player can influence. They can farm everything, every day, every week, every month and still not have one. It's just RNG, so they are immediately excluded from a group simply because they cannot control the RNG drops of legendaries. 

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1 hour ago, Blainie said:

This is the one that gets to me the most, tbh. This is absolutely nothing a player can influence. They can farm everything, every day, every week, every month and still not have one. It's just RNG, so they are immediately excluded from a group simply because they cannot control the RNG drops of legendaries. 

Indeed, I still have no legendaries :(

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2 hours ago, Stan said:

Indeed, I still have no legendaries :(

6 characters worth of constant emissary quests, dungeon runs, all of it. Not 1 legendary. 

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5 hours ago, Blainie said:

For me, this is key. As long as they are learning, I'm fine with it not being perfect yet!

I agree.  Is it perfect?  No.  There are still flaws but to Blizzard's credit, as opposed to WoD, they are fixing and resolving issues.  This is a game that tries to appeal to everyone but there is no way to make it everyone's perfect game.  I do a lot of solo play myself as I work odd hours and I have had no issues playing by myself.  Would I like a bit more content?  sure but to me what I have now and what I have seen coming down the pipeline is enough to justify the sub fee.  As long as i get new content on a regular basis, it does not matter to me if it is more solo or group play.

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2 hours ago, Blainie said:

6 characters worth of constant emissary quests, dungeon runs, all of it. Not 1 legendary. 

Wow, that's even worse than on my part. I'd really like to know details about the Legendary bad luck prevention system. I know they mentioned if you play on a regular basis and you still haven't gotten a Legendary the chances somehow increase. At times, I would farm Heroic dungeons for bloods like crazy, do World Quests every day and still nothing. I think I played a decent amount of time since Legion's launch.

@Archimage I totally agree on the LFR part, the difficulty is ridiculous. You can entirely avoid fight mechanics, stand in fire, be AFK just on a /follow and nothing happens. Not only is it bad for the game (because somehow I feel like LFR should be a place to learn encounters for players, who don't have time for a fixed raiding schedule (odd hours). The difficulty has immensely shifted since they introduced Normal mode. There are currently so many bad players. When there were only Normal (now called) and Heroic (now called Mythic) versions there weren't as many issues. Many guilds are still stuck with Heroic Xavius which was just called "Normal" back then. Or maybe it's just my personal thought. LFR to me is just free loot. Blizzard could have allowed us to join a raid group once every week, do a /roll and whoever scores highest gets loot. Would save us a lot of time.

@Rumgin I entirely agree. WoW is an MMORPG. At the end of the day, there are just so many solo activities you can do... World Quests, Suramar, Fishing, mog runs are among the lots of things that instantly came to my mind. Besides, looking for players has never been easier and more convenient. Mythic dungeons shouldn't even carry the name "Mythic". Many get scared by the name and farm the hell out of Heroic dungeons, but they are totally easy.

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I am a VERY casual player of WOW and find myself often outclassed, even while questing. I play a PVP server, that I regret doing sometimes, as I am trying to quest in Legion and find myself surrounded by 20 Horde.... Horde players will laugh, Alliance will understand. Makes perfect sense though cuz they chickened out in the fight and abandoned Anduin to die.... but this game was initially Alliance vs Horde and should be a PVP. :), I digress.

Most of my game time is soloing, and since I drag along 5 characters, I stay pretty busy just getting them to max level. I don't think soloing this game should reward the same as playing it as a group, but something I appreciated from WoD was the ability to actually create items with professions that were decent and competitive (my ilvl 749 greataxe with enchant was AWESOME!) almost kept playing it because I was so attached. Hoping to have the same chance in Legion, WITHOUT the unique-equipped restriction. I mean seriously, it would take forever to max out a full set of gear in WoD, so why not let us do it. I doubt anybody maxed out a set of boots, for sale, 20k

just my 2 cents.  

" you died for nothing"


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2 hours ago, Stan said:

Mythic dungeons shouldn't even carry the name "Mythic". Many get scared by the name and farm the hell out of Heroic dungeons, but they are totally easy.

Hey now, the first time we ran CoS it was tough! 


So... many... mobs...   luckily one guy had run it previously.  Find the traitor? 

anyway, like I said, LUCKILY, someone ran it prior.

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@ADUB87 I don't thing there are limitations to crafted gear you can equip in Legion. Besides, ObliterumObliterum can increase all crafted gear item level up to 850 and I think it will increase in the future as we get raids with higher item levels and 850 will just feel obsolete.

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On 10/21/2016 at 4:49 PM, Darkjester79 said:

what I have seen coming down the pipeline is enough to justify the sub fee.  

This is key. I cannot agree more. I actually do not mind paying for a subscription, token or real money, because the game is currently worth it. The plans for WoW make me feel like it is going to continue to be so (fingers crossed). 

I'm just praying they keep it up!

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I am just puzzled at how players are constantly limiting the content for themselves... I know that not everyone likes to do the same things or has the same taste. But I get the feeling that players are narrowing down their options for great adventures to much, to like a 10th of what the game really has to offer, forgetting that they actually subscribed to a Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Play-Game... there are so many different things to experience - blaming the developers and complaining about having to "pay so much for not enough to do" is not fair.

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14 hours ago, Boonatix said:

I am just puzzled at how players are constantly limiting the content for themselves...

This is where that opinion originated from that people who complain were "LFR Heroes". It was a big discussion point, because people essentially said: "I have cleared LFR, why is there no more content for me?", but they hadn't stepped foot into any other difficulty of the raid. 

People being completely unwilling to try parts of the game are one of the reasons why there can be problems with "content running out too fast".

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      The guide and Profiles to import were updated for Legion.
      Patch 7.1.5 update:
      1. A new sorting order was added for healers like me who always drives a RL nuts sorting the groups as Tanks>Melee>Ranged>Healers. Now we have it build-in, enjoy! (in-deep explanation in 'Panels' part)
      2. A new Spell Trace tracking was added. Now you can see who exactly received healing from Chain Heal, HW: Sanctify, PW: Radiance, Trail of Light, etc. (in-deep explanation in 'General' part)
      Patch 7.1 update: 
      Retrieval of unit facing and position in instances was disabled by Blizzard. That breaks AOE Advice, Clusters and out-of-range direction arrow - do not try to use them.
      Default custom debuffs will now always be added by spell ID - please consider a complete reset of your custom debuff settings.  This can be done under 'VuhDo Options > Tools > Reset > Buffs/HoTs > Custom Debuffs' but beware you will loose all previous custom debuff settings!
      VuhDo is raid frame replacement that is specifically built for high level raid healing. All your healing spells or any other actions can be asserted to mouse clicks or mouseovers on those bars (Click-Heal).
      VuhDo is great for displaying all the raid information you need as a healer - Health Bars, Mana Bars, Debuffs, Range, Incoming Heals, Aggro, HoTs, Absorb Shields, Status Effects, Player Tags (afk, disconnected, dead).
      In addition:
      You can heal, decurse, target, assist or focus raid members with just one click. You can bind any usable item, command or macro to mouse clicks. You can assign up to 40 mouse click combinations to cast on raid members. You can assign any keys to cast when mouse over. You can automatically fire your trinkets and instant casts whenever cooldown is over. You can automatically resurrect players out of combat. You can easily keep track of all of your and raid buffs / debuffs. You can rebuff automatically chosing the most suitable spell and target. You can smart buff your raid automatically selecting missing buffs. Okay, let’s talk about configuration now.
      This is the mess that you get when you first install the addon. Many people just delete the addon straight away when seeing this, ignoring how amazing it is.

      If you are configuring the addon for the first time, it’s better to delete all the default frames that you've got on start:

      Click on addon icon near the minimap. Click on ‘Move!’ Click on every red X you’ll see until the only remained frame would be ‘VuhDo - BuffWatch’. The easiest and fastest way to start is to go to the ‘TOOLS’--> ‘Panel Wizard’ and to tick there the panels you want to have in your VuhDo configuration.
      It would be nice to have ‘Groups’ and ‘Main Tanks’ panels from the beginning.

      Click on ‘Tools’ Click on ‘Panel Wizard’ Tick ‘Groups’ and ‘Main Tanks’ Click ‘Apply’ After clicking ‘Okay’ in the popup menu you will see ‘Groups’ and ‘Main Tanks’ panels appearing. And then we’ll add an additional panel ‘Target’:

      Click on ‘Move!’

      Click on ‘+’ in ‘Add New Panel.’ Click on ‘+’ on the new transparent panel that appears. You’ll now get a new panel as seen in Figure 3 in the above screenshot. Click on ‘Choose.’ Now you’ll get two downdrop menus: ‘Type’ and ‘Value.’ You can choose the ‘Type’ of panel you want - in our case it’s ‘Special’ for Targets (players and NPCs). In the ‘Value’ downdrop menu choose the ‘Target’ Many nice things to play with -  you can add a menu for Pets, Vehicles, Focus, different raid roles, etc..! There is a nice update to Special panels: NPCs panel.
      Very helpful in raids where you have to focus heal or dps specific NPCs units. No more tabbing, clicking or looking around ^^
      To add NPC panel go to Move!->Add new Panel->Type: Special->Value:NPCs

      Here's how it looks in the raid:

      You can build Raid frames manually too if you don’t want to use the Panel Wizard: just choose in the ‘Type’ of panel ‘Group’ type. Click the ‘+’ button on the first panel that you created to add an additional 5 man groups to it. Voila, Panel 1 becomes your 10-40 man raid frames (every ‘+’ will add a 5 man group to the frame). You have to use the same Panel for the Raid Groups so they will move together as one object.

      Now check “20” and hold the button “Test”. You will see some virtual raid and even real target, if you’ll click on somebody. It is a very useful feature for checking the results of your frames tuning.


      Go to the ‘General’ tab. Tick ‘Main Tanks’ and ‘5 man MTs’, so VuhDo will automatically move Tanks to the ‘Tank’ panel. *You don’t have to do this or add the ‘Main Tanks’ panel if you don’t want to see the tanks in a separate panel from the raid
      Adjust everything else according to personal taste.
      INDICATORS (more nice options for tracking):
      You can play with a loads of possibilities here. I personally use 3 of them - Inner frame for the Paladin Beacons, Special DoT for the Role Icon and Treat Marks to track the current aggro target (very useful if you need to know when the tanks are swapping).
      Clicking on ‘More...’ button near every tracker allows you to change size and color of the icon.

      Spell trace tracks which units are hit when a particular spell is cast. Very useful for tracking healing from 'smart' like Prayer of Healing, PW: Radiance, Chain Heal, Trail of Light, etc. You can use a build-in Spell Trace bouquet or create your personal one.
      Enable the ability here:

      and choose where to show tracked spells in HoT icons tab:

      Here you can bind you spells, actions or macros to any button of your mouse and keyboard.

      Go to Spells→ Mouse→ Modifier Key → None Open up your spellbook and drag your primary healing spells to the ‘Mouse Key’ Left and Right Buttons and to the ‘Mouse Wheel’ Up and Down sections. Note that the Mouse Wheel section will only work when it’s mouseovering your VuhDo frames. If you scroll outside of the frames, you will zoom in and out of the screen. You can assign more spells / commands / macros to Modifier Key → Shift, Modifier Key → Ctrl and so on. All your mouseover macros will work perfectly with VuhDo frames  
      On the ‘Panels’ tab, make sure that General→ Ordering → Alignment → Horizontal is ticked. It’s much easier to move your mouse in the left-right directions rather than up and down. Chose ‘Grouped’ and ‘Hide Empty’ in Ordering, if you prefer to always see your actual groups in the raid. a) Leave ‘Sort by...’ with ‘Unit ID’ if your choice is to see raid as actual groups.
      3b) There is another option for sorting: Tank => MDPS => RDPS => Healer. It's great if you like to always know which part of the raid takes damage. If you choose this option, you have to change the ordering to Loose. It technically works for Grouped ordering too: the difference is that when you are 'Grouped', the sort method is applied for each group, not across all groups.

      Do not forget to press ‘Apply All’ to apply your changes to all the groups (and not just to the current one)
      On the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘Sizing’ option on the right hand side. For Bar Height, choose something like 37-40 to make the bars taller. Spacing and gaps as you like.
      On the ‘Panels’ tab, select the ‘Bars’ option on the right hand side. Decrease the Mana bar height to 3 - you really don’t need it any bigger than this. You can play around with the rest of the options here.

      On the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘Headers’ option on the right hand side. Tick ‘Show’ on Headers if you want to see panels names (Group 1, Group 2, target, etc.). Untick ‘Class Color’ on Header Text if it was ticked by default. TEXT
      On the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘Text’ option on the right hand side. Tick ‘Class Col.’ on Bar Text so you will see player’s nickname in his class color. Hitpoints → Show → Percent. Show Text → Name & Flags (untick ‘class’ and ‘pet owner’ if it was ticked by default. You can play around with the rest of the options (text size, color, position) here.
      On the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘HoT Icons’ option on the right hand side. In the ‘Own HoTs’ section, choose one of 2 masters that shows where your HoTs will appear and use the buttons below to view your HoTs as ‘Icons’ and ‘Text.’ In the ‘HoT Order’ section, you can assign any of your or other players HoTs, Absorbs, Shields, Procs, personal and Raid CDs to any of the 6 spots shown in the ‘Own HoTs’ diagram. You should always leave Slot 7 (the middle slot) for the ‘AoE Advice’ icon. Or not...
      Another nice option here - to change the HoT icons size.
      Click on the button “More” from the right side of HoTs positioning masters and adjust.

      You maybe noticed some options in the HoT Order section that are shown on my screenshot but couldn’t be find in your options. They are the Bouquets: custom groups of Buffs / Debuffs / HoTs / CDs that could be created by a player himself.
      Let’s create a custom bouquet for example for tracking of Tank personal CDs in your raid where the tanks are Warrior and Paladin.

      Go to General→ Bouquets. Type a name for a new Bouquet and press ‘New’ Press ‘Add’ button it the Bouquet Details part Type a spell name in the ‘...or enter Buff / Debuff / HoT name’ line In ‘Select default icon’ dropdown menu always chose ‘None / Default’, otherwise you wouldn't see the appropriate icon. Add all the spells you would like to track in your ‘My tanks’ bouquet. There will be situations when you’ll have multiple CDs or HoTs that were popped simultaneously to track. Because all the spell icons from one bouquet are shown in the same place, you should use the Priority Arrows to assign the importance of every one of them (e.g. the highest priority will be shown first).
      Another possibility to work with bouquets is just to edit the defaults.
      For example, we can chose a default ‘Raid Cooldowns’ bouquet and remove, add or change priority of CDs based on our raid composition.

      After creating or editing a bouquet you can use it in the HoT icons assignments.

      As you've may have noticed, VuhDo has a separate Buff frame as part of the package. Personally, I don’t believe there is any need for VuhDo to show your buffs. I use WeakAuras to trace my mandatory buffs (on myself and others) and you should have something similar. So, I advise that you go to the ‘Buffs’ tab → General → Uncheck ‘Enable.’ If you want to play with it later - feel free to do so.
      Extremely useful in raids. You can see most of the debuffs by default in your healing frames, but sometimes the addon is not updated yet for a new raid zone or the authors wouldn’t add some debuff that you want to trace. In this section you can add or remove any debuff / buff / proc that is applicable to a player.

      Go to Debuffs→ Custom Type buff / debuff  Spell ID in the line (you can find Spell ID on Wowhead in the address line. For example: “”- Spell ID for the Divine Shield is 642). Now it will appear in the (de)Buff list. Tick the appropriate positions if you want to see stacks or timers for the debuff. Tick 'Bar Color' if you want to see a specific debuff in some different from the default color and pick the color from palette. Click ‘Save’ Do not click ‘Apply all’ or you’ll rewrite the defaults of all the debuffs.
      If you want to remove some buff / debuff / proc from the list, choose it from the dropdown menu and click ‘Delete’.
      There is an option for a complete reset of your custom debuff settings.  This can be done under 'VuhDo Options > Tools > Reset > Buffs/HoTs > Custom Debuffs' but beware you will loose all the debuff settings you customized.
      If you ever wanted to save your VuhDo configuration for more than one toon / spec / raid size / encounter type or to share what you have with other VuhDo users, this is the place for you.
      Saving profiles for different specs / toons:
      Go to VuhDo Options->Tools Tab->Profiles.

      On the left side in 'Profiles' part you will see a line '...or enter profile name' with some name already typed in. Change it to a name that will make you remember what exactly you are saving here. I normally use a toon name with encounter type or a toon name with a group size, but if you are going to store profiles for different specs, it may be a good idea to mention a spec too.
      I stopped on profile naming in such a details because the default name is a bit weird - it's just made of a chain of nicknames for every toon you ever saved this profile for, so after having 2-4 toons in the chain it almost impossible to understand what exactly is stored there.
      Type a new name for your profile and press 'Save' Button. Do not confuse 'Save' with 'Apply' or you will cancel all the changes you made.
      After saving a profile, you can choose in the central part of the Tab the activation type: by group size and / or by spec. You will be able to choose it only after profile is saved, so don't be surprised if you are not able to check anything there.
      If you want to make this profile a default for all the new characters on the account, check 'Default Profile' button.
      Loading and deleting a profile:
      If you don't want VuhDo to activate profiles for you automatically or you want to load some specific profile for a new toon, go to the 'Select a profile' dropdown menu, choose whatever you need from there and hit 'Apply'.
      To delete a profile, choose it from the same dropdown menu and hit 'Delete'.
      Two useful buttons: 'Quiet mode' allows you to get rid of Confirmation Dialog spam, 'Lock' prevents an accidental overwriting of a profile.
      Key Layouts:
      An important note: Spell assignments are not saved in Profiles. To save, load or delete Spell and HoTs assignments you should go to Tools->Key Layouts:

      Export and share profiles:
      You can export selected features, share or receive profiles from other VuhDo users.
      To be able to receive a profile you have to go to 'Tools->Share->Receive Data' and tick 'Enable'.
      To share a profile you should click on a button 'Share' in the 'Send Profile' area. A new window will pop up: a dropdown menu with a line where you can type specific player's name and server. The dropdown menu will show your online guildies and people you are in group / raid with (disregarding of them having or not having VuhDo).

      Here's an example of my VuhDo profiles:
      I made a UI screenshot with opened talent tree and VuhDo HoT assignments.
      Key Layouts (how I assign spells to mouse): remember they are configured separately from the main setup and you have to import them separately too in Tools->Key Layouts->Import

      In 5-man HoT icons I track only my HoTs because obviously there are no other healers. Threat and personal CDs people may use are being tracked through Indicators (General->Advanced->Indicators). In this bouquet everyone should add his group specifics if you are aiming for Mythic+: I found a bit redundant to keep there damage mitigation abilities for all the classes.
      Regarding the Hot Keys you see on the screen - it may be a bit confusing because I don't really use all of them but:
      1,2,3 - dps abilities
      = - Tranq
      F1 - Barkskin
      F2 - Dash
      F4 - Inner
      F - Efflorescence
      G - shapeshift
      Q - Artifact spell
      D - Ironbark mouseover macro
      J - Cenarion Ward mouseover macro
      E,H - interrupts
      T - Flourish
      The raid setup:
      I'm raiding Mythic so my healing frames are tuned for 20-man.

      As you can see, HoT icon section changed - now I track what other healers are doing too so we wouldn't overlap with the healing and I'm be sure that assigned damage mitigation spells are used.
      The actual strings to import are in this separate thread because it's technically problematic to update them here in guide.
      I have to say that there are loads of options that I didn’t speak about here. But I tried to keep it short and basic.
      I always can answer any of your questions about VuhDo or you can continue to dig it by yourselves.
    • By Stan
      Lord of the Shadow Council is ready, but so are you!
      The Nighthold opens this week and finally we'll be able to put Gul'dan to justice. Our Survival Guide has all the information you need to know about the latest Legion raid.
      No prerequisites required to enter the raid. Ahead of the Curve: Xavius is removed when Nighthold opens. The raid has ten bosses and is non-linear. The first 3 bosses need to be defeated in a specific order:  Skorpyron > Chronomatic Anomaly > Trilliax After that you get access to 5 bosses that can be killed in any order. The last two bosses that need to be killed are Elisande > Gul'dan. Defeating Gul'dan on Mythic difficulty grants the Mythic: Gul'dan achievement and the "Vengeance Incarnate" title. Players will finally end the Suramar story line and acquire the Arcanist's Manasaber mount. If you've completed Unleashed Monstrosities, you can work your way toward completing Improving on History to unlock the base appearance. The Direbeak and Bloodgazer falcosaurs require Nighthold to open before you can get your mounts - Brilliant Direbeak & Predatory Bloodgazer. Glory of the Legion Raider also has some Nighthold-related achievements and rewards Defiled Reins. Raid Schedule
      Normal and Heroic difficulties are available starting January 17. Mythic difficulty and the first wing of Raid Finder will open one week later.
      Blizzard Entertainment
      Raid Schedule: Tuesday, January 17: Nighthold Normal and Heroic difficulties open. Tuesday, January 24: Nighthold Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 (Arcing Aqueducts) open. Tuesday, February 7: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 2 (Royal Athenaeum) opens. Tuesday, February 21: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 3 (Nightspire) opens. Tuesday, March 7: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 4 (Betrayer’s Rise) opens. (Source)
      Nighthold Guides
      Our guide section has been updated with boss guides for Nighthold, don't forget to check them out to be Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan. Should you need any help, feel free to post in the PvE forum.
      Skorpyron Chronomatic Anomaly Trilliax Spellblade Aluriel Tichondrius Krosus High Botanist Tel'arn Star Augur Etraeus Elisande Gul'dan (TBA) 7.1.5 Class Guides
      All 36 specializations in our Class Guides have been updated for the latest patch.
      Legendary Items
      After Nighthold opens, players will be able to upgrade their existing item level 910 Legendaries to item level 940. Emissary caches will start dropping Legendaries of item level 940 by default.
      Since the release of Patch 7.1.5, we've received a number of questions relating to the Nighthold Legendary item upgrades and how that process will work. We'd like to provide some clarity on what you can expect next week.
      When the Nighthold opens next week, players who have acquired at least one Legion Legendary item will find a quest in Dalaran to upgrade a Legendary from item level 910 to 940. This quest involves collecting a number of
      Essence of Aman'Thul, which can be found in the following locations:
      Nighthold Raid Bosses Weekly Mythic Keystone Cache Emissary Bags PvP Weekly Quests Once you have completed the quest, you'll be given a Distilled Titan Essence, which can be consumed to upgrade a Legion Legendary item to level 940. The quest is repeatable, so you'll be able to earn as many Distilled Titan Essences as you need to upgrade any Legendaries you have.
      Additionally, once the Nighthold is open, any new Legendaries you discover will already be item level 940. Note that this does not apply retroactively to Emissary Bags that you may already have in your inventory when the time comes. Only new bags earned after the Nighthold is open have the chance to reward an item level 940 Legendary.
      Tier 19 Sets
      Nighthold is the first raid to drop sets in the Legion and we've taken a closer look at Tier 19 here.
      Nighthold Mounts
      Fiendish Hellfire Core is a guaranteed drop from Gul'dan on Mythic difficulty. The drop chance will be reduced to 1% after a new expansion is released.
      Living Infernal Core has a chance to drop off of Gul'dan on any difficulty except LFR.
      Mount Animations

      Gul'dan (Mythic Only Phase)
      This part contains major lore spoilers, proceed with caution!