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Aran's Relaxing Ruby as MM Hunter

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Hey guys!

So, Karazhan is released now and I find this trinket quite interresting. I had the luck with me and I got it 895 Titanforged. I haven't been able to Sim it yet, the proc is not working in the program.

What do you guys think about this trinket? Anyone really tried it out so far?



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I got this trinket today. I dont know if I did the simulation right, but it only shows slight differences (e.g. lower dps when replaced with normal agility/mastery trinket) for single target dps. So for me it is not worth for raid bosses.

For me it is only worth for mythic+ multi target dps, thats great (~5% damage from aran's).

Let me know what you think because I'm not quite sure yet.


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      Greetings everyone!
      I'm trying to figure out if Aran's Relaxing Ruby ( ) is viable for Enhancement.
      There are 2 particular moments about it:
      Does it scale with our mastery as other trinkets or no (because it doesn't increase written damage on it)
      Does it proc often from all our attacks + according to changes in 7.1.5 on the PTR soon we will be running all with fury of air - that means even more magic attacks per second. 
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      P.S. at the moment I still don't have one that's why can't test it
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      You guys tested if Bloodstained Handkerchief is any fun for a DK?
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      No time to test it yet but I suspect it may be ok in long fights, you could apply it on multiple enemies due to the 1min CD.
      Perhaps also worth nothing it's a *marked with a raven silhouette* item just like Eye of Command