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Hello fellow druids!

I managed to complete the meta achievement 'Glory of the Legion Hero' yesterday for the guardian appearence, the red Avatar of Ursol tint. To my surprise the appearance is still locked even though I have the achievement.


Am I the only one with this issue?


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    • By Lindris
      Hey Guys
      I know there is a lot of other postes about stats, but here is my question:

      In general: versa >= mastery > haste
      Vers for more heal and a reduction of dmg taken, mastery for more life and more incoming heal and haste for lower cd.
      that's clear, but why have so much progress player other stats? moste of them have a lot of crit and more then less versa.
      for exemple:ревущий-фьорд/Эрриган/simple
      Moste of them have just 15-16% mastery.

      it's a bit confusing :P
      I'm a main prot worrior and will play now my druid for m+ dungeons. which eq shall I buy and looking for? pure vers, pure mastery, a mix of bouth (1:1) or a other stat?

      thanks for helping

      Has somebody a Pawn string?
    • By Eny
      Just wondering if anyone is using a PAWN string or Simcraft in a guardian druid, I was using noxxic one but seems like its not updated. If anyone could provide me one i'd be grateful.
    • By Barracuda
      I've been healing as resto for my raid team and now I was asked to swap to a guardian druid due to changes in the raid team.
      The icy veins guide says the stat priority is Versatility>=Master > Haste and crit as dead last, where as Noxxic says Master>Haste>Versatility, so at the moment a little unsure on which stats to prioritise to move forward.
      Also this is my current gear as it stands
      Will I be able to effectively tank HC raid bosses with the current stats I have or will I be better off sacrificing ilvl for stats ?
      Thanks alot in advance!
    • By Vemman
      So i'm wondering which trinkets to use, and if i should switch on different fights
      Horn of Valor (840)
      Coagulated Nightwell Residue (840)
      Writhing Heart of Darkness (855) (Dont think this is good for Guardian Druid but im still listing it here)
      Talisman of the Cragshaper (850)
      Shivermaw's Jawbone (840)
      I'll be using one of these + Grotesque Statuette (850)
      Thanks for the help!
    • By ssakrend
      First of all, i dont know if this has been discussed before here, i looked through the posts but didnt see anything or missed it, so sorry for that and if someone can redirect me would be nice :)
      I am having a small issue with single target threat on dudu tank, as i rarely use maul during raids cause i need all the rage for iron fur and mark of ursol. There is no trouble with aoe, there is no trouble if constantly use maul either, is just that maybe there is something i am missing so i do not have to sacrifice rage during raids for maul. Putting taunt into my rotation isnt a solution either cause of the high frequency rate at witch tanks need to swap bosses in EN. I dont lose aggro to dps, but there were a couple of times when i lost it to my warrior co-tank, and comparatively to him my threat is terible.
      Any opinion on this will be much appreciated :)