World of Logs ranking issue?

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Hey all, this is my first time making a forum post here, but I felt that I needed to ask the community this question...


I was looking at World of Logs records for various SoO bosses, and i saw that some players in the top 10 had about 20 million damage done, whereas others had just off 200 million, when looking further I noticed that:


As is the case with this mage, they performed a powerful burst opener, then wiped on the boss, and when uploaded to WoL it counts the same on the dps counts, thus enabling players to perform powerful openers and deliberately wipe in an attempt to set high records.


Is this true, or am I seeing things?


Thanks for your time :)

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I know this is way late, but I ran into a thread about this on another forum.  In case you havent run in to the answer yet; WorldOfLogs is experiencing an increased number of false logs resulting in false rankings since the launch of SoO.  The other common way people are setting records is by editing their combat logs.  You may want to look into using WarcraftLogs going forward.  WarcraftLogs also has more recognition tools in place for wipes, LFR, Flex, Norm, and HM to pick up pulls/kills/ranks.

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It is unfortunately very easy to fake logs, accidentally corrupt logs, or achieve unrealistic DPS through other means.


Ranks on that site haven't meant anything the entire tier, and I'd heavily suggest moving to  Their rankings are getting more and more accurate every day, and they offer a much smoother interface.


Edit: Wow, this was old and I didn't even notice.  Bah, humbug.

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