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If I could get a little itemization advice...

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So, I have a couple of pieces I'd like to get some thoughts on, maybe just to find some validation (good or bad) that I'd use a Warforged helm over a Flex helm.


Currently, I'm wearing inv_helmet_plate_raidwarrior_n_01.jpgHelmet of the Prehistoric Marauder (2/2, gemmed properly, etc.) for my helm, but I received inv_helmet_plate_raiddeathknight_n_01.jpMagdalena's Murderous Crown from Ordos, and I'm not sure which to wear. Reason being, I don't want to break my two-piece bonus with my tier gloves. I do have a pair of the tier legs (inv_pants_plate_raidwarrior_n_01.jpgLegplates of the Prehistoric Marauder) that are upgraded, gemmed, LWing patch that I could wear, but it would be taking out my inv_pants_plate_40v3.jpgAvenger's Trillium Legplates, also upgraded etc. Is it worth the extra 384 strength to lose 1.84% crit and still get .37% to mastery as little as it is?

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It's close, really, and depends on your exact stat weights. You shouldn't see much difference one way or another, and if you want the definitive answer, the best bet is to sim yourself to get your own stat weights.

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start by looking at what is best in slot for you legs. Legplates of the Prehistoric Marauder>Legplates of Willful Doom>Legplates of Unthinking Strife>Avenger's Trillium Legplates

at this point it look like you have every thing upgraded so you should have vp to spair or will if you just used all your weekly vp 

over all you do want to keep at least the 2 set that you have

Helmet of the Prehistoric Marauder over Helmet of the Prehistoric Marauder

you gain more in the long run if you swich the pants to the Legplates of the Prehistoric Marauder and Helmet of the Prehistoric Marauder you still get your 2 set and if any thing it a temp lost. tell you upgrade with things

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      I've just finished normal with my main 890ilvl (54 points) prot tank and also with my 876ilvl (36 points) druid tank.
      My conclusion is the following:
      The protection warrior is taking way to high damage from almost all abilities except auto-attacks which are low anyway.
      Shield block doesn't work against any of the abilities in nighthold and doesn't help with any magical skills.
      Basically our block even with 2 set items, having aprox 65% crit block chance is useless in Nighthold.
      The fact that our main reduction ability except our 8k-ish armor is useless for all Nighthold bosses. Demo, LS, SW, SR are ok for stack abilities or strong abilities but they couldn't be frequent enough. The damage taken spikes are crazy...just crazy and I've kept IP 40-60% of the damage and decent 90% + bracket dps.
      Paladin tank and warrior tank used to be very similar in damage taken ( normal damage taken ), now paladin is taking 100 millions and warrior is taking 200-400 million on same boss. This is because their damage is percent damage reduction and that works for magical also, but our shield block is irrelevant. Also paladins block spells now.
      In regard to my 876ilvl druid, I've done Guldan solo tanking without any stress. I've done rest of bosses without a problem, only keeping 1-2 stack of ironfur up and using rest of my rage for the 30% reduction every 10 sec, and I won't even start with the amount of cds druids have. These runs showed me how warrior is 0 compared to paladin,druid and DK. 
      I would place warrior on last place under DK, as Shield Block is an irreleant ability in this raid. You can check logs and compare raids from EN and Nighthold. It seems that to be so-so with a warrior tank you would have to maximize versatility and ignore every other stat :|, maybe then you will start reducing some damage from this raid.
      I believe that even the first version of warrior tank from start of EN couldn't handle Nighthold as good as paladin,druid can now. They were just op at low level for being able to handle high mythic dungeons at low gear for stacking IP 2 million absorb, but they scaled bad compared to others and that IP would drop in 2 hits on Mythic EN content, making it so-so anywany.
      Post below if any ideas pop to mind related to the above problem. Thanks ! 
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      So I was fortunate enough to get mantle of command last night, and ran some quick sims. Based on my sims, it would seem that crit has over taken haste in the stat priority when using mantle of command. So stat priority is as follows:
      agi > mast > crit > haste > vers
      I haven't calculated weights, but the difference in simulations was significant. I'll leave the weight calculating to others. The idea is that with mantle of command and the changing function of dire beast, it is more advantageous to get more dire beasts from crit, than reducing the CD through haste. Maybe someone else can confirm this also.
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      Hello there: )
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