If I could get a little itemization advice...

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So, I have a couple of pieces I'd like to get some thoughts on, maybe just to find some validation (good or bad) that I'd use a Warforged helm over a Flex helm.




Currently, I'm wearing inv_helmet_plate_raidwarrior_n_01.jpgHelmet of the Prehistoric Marauder (2/2, gemmed properly, etc.) for my helm, but I received inv_helmet_plate_raiddeathknight_n_01.jpMagdalena's Murderous Crown from Ordos, and I'm not sure which to wear. Reason being, I don't want to break my two-piece bonus with my tier gloves. I do have a pair of the tier legs (inv_pants_plate_raidwarrior_n_01.jpgLegplates of the Prehistoric Marauder) that are upgraded, gemmed, LWing patch that I could wear, but it would be taking out my inv_pants_plate_40v3.jpgAvenger's Trillium Legplates, also upgraded etc. Is it worth the extra 384 strength to lose 1.84% crit and still get .37% to mastery as little as it is?

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It's close, really, and depends on your exact stat weights. You shouldn't see much difference one way or another, and if you want the definitive answer, the best bet is to sim yourself to get your own stat weights.

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start by looking at what is best in slot for you legs. Legplates of the Prehistoric Marauder>Legplates of Willful Doom>Legplates of Unthinking Strife>Avenger's Trillium Legplates

at this point it look like you have every thing upgraded so you should have vp to spair or will if you just used all your weekly vp 

over all you do want to keep at least the 2 set that you have

Helmet of the Prehistoric Marauder over Helmet of the Prehistoric Marauder

you gain more in the long run if you swich the pants to the Legplates of the Prehistoric Marauder and Helmet of the Prehistoric Marauder you still get your 2 set and if any thing it a temp lost. tell you upgrade with things

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