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Hearthstone Video of the Week

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In this week's Hearthstone Video of the Week, we present you a video by Force Strategy Gaming that goes over the Curse of Naxxramas, the upcoming addition to Hearthstone. The Curse of Naxxramas will constitute the introduction of the all-new Adventure Mode, which brings with it a number of new cards, as well as some boss fights, all of which is presented in the video.

In this week's Hearthstone Video of the Week, we bring you Force Strategy Gaming's video presentation of the Curse of Naxxramas, the upcoming addition to Hearthstone. The Curse of Naxxramas introduces Adventure Mode into the game, bringing a number of new cards and boss fights with it. The video presents all of this in as much detail as is possible (given the relatively small amount of information available), making it a must-watch for everyone who wants to stay current on Hearthstone affairs. You can also read Blizzard's announcement on the matter, if you want to see the information in a written format.

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    • Hearthstone: Blizzard Looking for Associate Game Designer
      By L0rinda
      For many, the job of "Card Designer" is the dream job. The opportunity does not come around often, but Blizzard are currently looking for someone to fill that position.
      Lead Designer, Ben Brode, advertised the job in a Tweet last night:
      Placeholder for tweet 735985313391071233 Obviously, there will be a lot of applicants for the position. Due to this, it is no surprise that Blizzard have set the bar for the job requirements very high.
      Job Requirements
      Deep knowledge of collectible card games (CCG) and Hearthstone specifically. Absolute passion for playing and making video games. Extensive knowledge of the lore and setting of World of Warcraft. Technically proficient and able to learn proprietary scripting tools. Able to show you can design fun, simple cards for a CCG or CCG-like game. An awesome person who is a lot of fun to work with. (source)
      If this is the chance you've always wanted, you can apply on the page linked here. Remember to include a Cover Letter as they absolutely will not read applications that do not include one.
      Good Luck to everyone from here who applies!
    • [WIP] Legendary Crafting Guide
      By positiv2
      Hello everybody!

      This thread will contain useful information about legendaries and three-rank rating of them.
      Red cards are cards usable in standard, green cards are wild cards.
      Cards are divided into three ranks: Craft, Neutral and Disenchant.
      If you have any counterpoints, questions or just want to share your opinion, leave a comment down below.
      Thanks for the idea, Valkyr
      Class cards
    • Hearthstone: Kripparrian Gets 106 Wins in 10 Arena Runs
      By Zadina
      Yesterday, Kripparrian earned the attention of the Hearthstone community by completing an outstanding achievement: he won 106 games in 10 Arena runs!
      You might have heard of the 100 in 10 Arena challenge, originally created by Amaz, the owner of Team Archon. The first person to beat it was TwoBiers back in March with his run of 103 games in 10 Arena keys. Afterwards, Twitch and Archon partnered up and made the challenge into an official monthly competition. While it wasn’t widely publicised, another Arena player, Mef, was the second player to complete this challenge two weeks ago – with exactly 100 wins in 10 runs, 9 classes and even a couple of disconnects! Lastly, 23 days ago Woett achieved 202 wins in 20 consecutive Arena runs, a truly insane feat which was recognised by Hearthstone devs on Reddit.
      Obviously, most of you know Kripparrian, who isn’t only a popular streamer, but has also earned some significant achievements in other games (like World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Path of Exile and Guild Wars 2). Kripparrian’s popularity rose significantly when he started playing and streaming Hearthstone, while he’s also considered one of the best Arena players in the world.
      Kripparrian has stated in the past that he wasn’t going to pursue the official 100 in 10 challenge and yesterday’s triumph was just a personal achievement. Indeed, he only played with 6 classes (Warlock, Rogue, Mage, Shaman, Warrior and Paladin), while the challenge’s rules state that the player should always pick a class that he/she hasn’t played yet.
      Still, Kripparrian technically beat the 100 wins in 10 Arena runs part of the whole challenge, since he actually achieved 101 victories in 9 runs (with the total score being 106 in 10). An amazing fact is that for the first 7 runs he had a streak of 12 wins each run! Then, in his 8th run he had a 5-3, followed by another 12-win run and then another 5-3 on his 10th and last run. Here are the lists for his eight 12-win decks:
      Placeholder for tweet 735561147500396544 Kripparrian also completed another personal achievement during his 106 in 10 (or 101 in 9) streak. He achieved a score of 12-0 with all classes in Arena. Warrior was the last class he needed and he succeeded in doing a 12-0 with it during his 4th Arena run. Kripp posted a video about his experience:
      You can watch a vod of Kripp’s last 3 runs here. To sum up, while he wasn’t officially participating in the 100 in 10 challenge, Kripparian has set the bar quite high for all other Arena players. We are eager to see what other challenge he will set for himself in the future!
    • Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: Shadow Towers
      By Zadina
      There is a new Tavern Brawl this week! It is the 50th Tavern Brawl and it is called Shadow Towers.
      After quite a while, a make-your-own deck type of Tavern Brawl is back! The rule of this Tavern Brawl is simple, yet interesting: your minions have stealth the first turn they are played. The rule applies no matter how many minions you play in a single turn; they will all get stealth during their first turn on the board. You will start with 30 Health and 10 Armor.
      You can make quite a lot of fun decks for this Brawl. Board clears are definitely very powerful and essential. Non-targeted spells, like Flamecannon, Arcane Missiles, Cleave and Deadly Shot, although you should always take into account the RNG element of these spells.
      Taunts are definitely not that good for this Tavern Brawl. On the other hand, Flame Juggler, and Wild Pyromancer and Knife Juggler combos can definitely shine. Two additional cards that can prove useful are Doomsayer and – yes, time to finally see some play – Validated Doomsayer! Just imagine the hilarious combos you can do with the latter card; with 7 health it’s extremely difficult to remove. Lastly, Emperor Thaurissan will be able to tick twice in most circumstances, as it’s also a difficult body to remove.
      Miracle Rogue can be a very strong choice this week, but you should definitely consider any class with hard aoe removals. Remember Tavern Brawls are in Wild Format, so you can include cards like Lightbomb or any other GvG or Naxxramas card you might think is useful.
      Feel free to share your deck suggestions! Good luck and have fun!
    • Hearthstone: South East Asia Preliminary Result and Winning Decklists
      By L0rinda
      The South East Asia (SEA) Spring Preliminary took place on May 22, as players from seven different countries battled it out for just one place in the Asia-Pacific Spring Championship next month. The format was best of five Conquest, with a ban.
      Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Indonesia were all represented in the event, which after all the qualifying was done, was played as a 32 player double elimination tournament. Winter champion, Staz, and WaningMoon had travelled back from China earlier in the day to take part in the event. In the WCA in China, Staz had finished in second place and WaningMoon finished third, losing to Staz along the way. When asked about the Preliminary, WaningMoon had commented that he was going to get his revenge.
      As events transpired, he got his chance. Staz progressed through the upper bracket, while WaningMoon progressed to the semi-final, before dropping to the lower bracket and reaching the Grand Final from there. The event was played with Winners Advantage rules, which meant that if he was going to get his revenge, WaningMoon was going to have to beat Staz two matches in a row.

      In the first match, Staz took an early 1-0 lead, beating Zoo with his Freeze Mage. His next deck was Hunter, a class that has been very lightly represented in recent tournaments. It looked like WaningMoon was going to show why Hunter is not in favour, as he beat it with both Zoo and Shaman. This convinced Staz to switch to his Shaman to take down Rogue, which levelled the scores. In the deciding game, Staz managed to assemble enough damage, with help from a pair of Huffers, to win the tournament for the second time in a row.
      The VOD of the event is available here. I had the pleasure of being one of the casters, alongside Pathra.
      The APAC final will be on PlayHearthstone's Twitch on June18-19.