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Hearthstone Spotlight! Trump's Videos

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On this week's Hearthstone spotlight we would like to present an invaluable resource for all those who take Hearthstone success seriously (and who are not already massively experienced card game players): Trump's stream. Along with his YouTube channel, these resources constitute an impressively vast amount of educational Hearthstone content.

While Trump is, of course, an extremely skilled player, this is not what makes his content as important as it is. Rather, you will find it valuable because of how well Trump explains his moves, and because of how he helps newer players adopt the correct strategic state of mind.

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    • Hearthstone: South East Asia Preliminary Result and Winning Decklists
      By L0rinda
      The South East Asia (SEA) Spring Preliminary took place on May 22, as players from seven different countries battled it out for just one place in the Asia-Pacific Spring Championship next month. The format was best of five Conquest, with a ban.
      Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Indonesia were all represented in the event, which after all the qualifying was done, was played as a 32 player double elimination tournament. Winter champion, Staz, and WaningMoon had travelled back from China earlier in the day to take part in the event. In the WCA in China, Staz had finished in second place and WaningMoon finished third, losing to Staz along the way. When asked about the Preliminary, WaningMoon had commented that he was going to get his revenge.
      As events transpired, he got his chance. Staz progressed through the upper bracket, while WaningMoon progressed to the semi-final, before dropping to the lower bracket and reaching the Grand Final from there. The event was played with Winners Advantage rules, which meant that if he was going to get his revenge, WaningMoon was going to have to beat Staz two matches in a row.

      In the first match, Staz took an early 1-0 lead, beating Zoo with his Freeze Mage. His next deck was Hunter, a class that has been very lightly represented in recent tournaments. It looked like WaningMoon was going to show why Hunter is not in favour, as he beat it with both Zoo and Shaman. This convinced Staz to switch to his Shaman to take down Rogue, which levelled the scores. In the deciding game, Staz managed to assemble enough damage, with help from a pair of Huffers, to win the tournament for the second time in a row.
      The VOD of the event is available here. I had the pleasure of being one of the casters, alongside Pathra.
      The APAC final will be on PlayHearthstone's Twitch on June18-19.
    • Hearthstone: China vs Europe 3 Launched With Movie Style Commercial
      By L0rinda
      The third China vs Europe Championship started on May 23. Eight players from Europe and eight from China compete for a $40,000 prize pool. The Chinese players have the added incentive of a $150,000 Ferrari CaliforniaT if they should finish first! The concept has been captured in a great 2 minute commercial, featured in this post.
      While listed as a team event, it is actually a solo event with representatives only from the two regions taking part. The lineups are as follows:
      Europe: SuperJJ, Ostkaka, Orange, Naiman, Kolento, Thijs, StanCifka, and Lifecoach
      China: NightWalk, Pegy, SleepyShaman, LoveCX, XingSu, Lovelychook, ZhangBo, Breath
      The Chinese lineup is a strong one, but as you can see, the European one is incredibly powerful. The commercial below, which I enjoyed thoroughly, shows how the Chinese see this:
      The event will take place as a series of four groups, followed by a top eight knockout. It can be seen live on Twitch on neotvbaoxue from May 23-29. The English language casters for the event are DTwo, Firebat, and SnowKiss.
    • Hearthstone: Trolden's Funny and Lucky Moments #167
      By Zadina
      After quite a few days of waiting, Trolden is back with the 167th episode of his Funny and Lucky Moments series.
      The first clip features a Hunter making a grave mistake in not identifying his opponent’s secret as a Dart Trap. Moreover, a Yogg-Saron, Hope's End gets stolen by the opponent’s Sylvanas Windrunner and ends up causing said opponent to lose (never change, Yogg). However, in another clip the opponent’s Yogg totally destroys Savjz. Lastly, a Face Hunter doesn’t go face and gets punished for it.
      Trolden also has an Overwatch channel and he is a great fan of Overwatch in general. With the release of Overwatch coming tomorrow, we might not see Hearthstone videos by Trolden for a while. Hopefully, he’ll prove me wrong!
    • Hearthstone: Americas Spring Preliminary Results, Stats, and Notable Decks
      By L0rinda
      The Americas Spring Preliminary took place over the weekend to decide the eight players that would advance to the Americas Spring Championship. After two tough days of double elimination action, the players who survived were: Cydonia, Napoleon, Rosty, Pnc, Bradfordlee, Duane, Deerjason, and Joster. The format was best of five conquest, with a ban.
      The European Preliminary had numerous big names progress, while in America it turned out to be the week of those trying to make a name for themselves. The biggest name to qualify was Deerjason, who reached the top eight of the 2014 Americas playoffs, missing out on BlizzCon that year due to a loss to eventual semi-finalist DTwo.  People will also be aware of Napoleon, who can often be found talking about high level Hearthstone in Twitch streams.
      The qualifying lineups were as follows:
      Bradfordlee: Aggro Shaman, Miracle Rogue, Reno Warlock, Tempo Warrior (with Leeroy Jenkins)
      Cydonia: Miracle Rogue, Aggro Shaman, Reno Warlock, Pirate Warrior
      Deerjason: Tempo Warrior, Zoo Warlock, Aggro Shaman (pictured below), Freeze Mage

      Duane: Ramp Druid, N'Zoth Paladin, Aggro Shaman (with Leeroy), Reno Warlock
      Joster: Freeze Mage, Aggro Shaman, Zoo Warlock, Tempo Warrior
      Pnc: Mid Hunter, Miracle Rogue, Mid Shaman, Tempo Warrior
      Rosty: Freeze Mage, Aggro Shaman, Zoo Warlock, Dragon Warrior (pictured below)

      Napoleon: Miracle Rogue, Tempo Warrior, Mid Hunter, Mid Shaman
      Of the 153 players in the event, 133 (87%) brought Warlock, 126 (82%) brought Shaman, and 109 (71%) brought Warrior. This represents a fairly big rise in Warlock, at the expensive of Warrior, since the Europe Preliminary last week. Those who stuck with Warrior had a spectacular 59% win rate through the event. Priest was the least represented class at the event.
      The Americas Spring Championship will take place on the weekend of June 25-26.
    • [WIP] Legendary Crafting Guide
      By positiv2
      Hello everybody!
      This thread will contain useful information about legendaries and three-rank rating of them.
      Red cards are cards usable in standard, green cards are wild cards.
      Cards are divided into three ranks: Craft, Neutral and Disenchant.
      If you have any counterpoints, questions or just want to share your opinion, leave a comment down below.
      Thanks for the idea, Valkyr
      Class cards