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Hello, I am trying out Arcane a little but am curious about proper ability use. 



- If have 2 arcane missile procs, 4 arcane charges, and am about to cap on mana, should I cast arcane blast or arcane missiles?

- How long is it safe for me to fish for arcane missile procs? 80% mana before I give up and arcane barrage?

- Should I keep my mana at roughly 90% when weaving arcane missiles and arcane blast, or should my arcane missile cast get me back to 100% mana?


Arcane mages seem to play like rogues a little :p ty in advance for your help!

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2 procs and 4 charges you definitely dump the missiles before barrage. Once you get 4-pc, there's a good chance that your missiles won't consume a proc and you get a third (sometimes fourth).


If you don't get a proc by 4, dump charges with barrage and start over.


Stay as near 100% mana as possible. With proper rotation and management, it's really not that hard.



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To expand abit on Belicosa, now that I at least have a tablet which can actually type g and h...

You should try to never fall under 80% mana. This means you ONLY cast Arcane Blast when you are:
-0 profound magic: 88-89% mana
-1 PF: 86-87% mana
-2 PF: 84-85%
-3 PF: 82-83%
-4 PF: any mana value

I use these values as this is The time you begin your cast. Assuming mana regen, you ought to Be at haste value where finishing your cast brings you at 80% mana minimum. This describes mana preparation.

As far as missiles are concerned the rules are.

With 2-set:

When you have 2 missiles.
When you have no stack of PF (in that case you use Blast)

With the 4set you follow the same rotation just keep in mind missiles might reset. So you prioritize them again.

When you end up with 4 charge -0 missiles /- any amount of PF you want to cast blast. Hoping To proc missiles. In order not to waste any time spam missiles and then very fast queue up barrage.

With no 2set just dump all missiles and reset with barrage.
If you have any other questions feel free To ask



Edit: Slight mistake on my part. I just meant to show my reasoning. Don't use AB at 0 stacks of Profound magic. Only time I do that is at TFP when I spend so much time using NT that mana get's to 100% mana. Pardons

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When you end up with 4 charge -0 missiles /- any amount of PF you want to cast blast. Hoping To proc missiles. In order not to waste any time spam missiles and then very fast queue up barrage.


Because missiles are channeled, I never actually tried to do this. You can't really queue a barrage without cutting your missiles short unless you use the nochannel macro, but then you're not queuing and need to spam the macro.

I personally don't use the macro, because I really hate button spamming, which sadly this macro requires.


IMO a better alternative is to refresh your bomb if needed and quickly react to AM proc. Or use fire blast if bomb needs no refreshing. Second option is on average a very minor dps loss but makes the rotation feel more fluid, which I consider a great plus.

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