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Seconday stats for Retribution

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Hello, been looking at a bunch of different sites to see what the best secondary stats for ret are now, but every site has a completely different ranking...

So I figured I'd ask the talented bunch that roam these forums.

What are the actual rankings of secondary

stats for ret in WoD

If it helps, I'm mostly using Sanctified Wrath + Execution Sentence.

Appreciate any clarity you can provide!

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From what I know it's Str > Haste > Mult = Mastery > Crit > Vers and that's pretty much what I'm going for except I'm going crit over mastery for off heals


keep in mind this is all subject to change at any moment

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haste is horrible now, its our worst secondary stat, weird hearing myself reading and typing that now, reason being is we cannot hit our 40% soft cap, so it looks like they want us to hit a lot harder now


our best secondary stat order is multistrike > mastery > crit > versatility > haste


i have tried out the empowered seals alot lately and it seems to work out better than final verdict for now, till you get a bit more epic gear + mastery, basically you go seal of righteousness, then judgement, then go back to seal of truth (to get the 15% haste) for the next 15-18 seconds and eventually judgement when its up (for the 15% AP), and just repeat that cycle so you have both buffs.

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Ok in the top 2 sims for EmpS and FV you have a priority of Mastery > Mult > Crit > Haste > Vers, currently in Highmaul EmpS is the prioritized talent with higher sims by a few hundred and I'd suggest a WA to maintain your seals, FV is much simpler in terms of upkeep so you could easily go with either and pull good numbers.

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