Seconday stats for Retribution

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Hello, been looking at a bunch of different sites to see what the best secondary stats for ret are now, but every site has a completely different ranking...

So I figured I'd ask the talented bunch that roam these forums.

What are the actual rankings of secondary

stats for ret in WoD

If it helps, I'm mostly using Sanctified Wrath + Execution Sentence.

Appreciate any clarity you can provide!

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From what I know it's Str > Haste > Mult = Mastery > Crit > Vers and that's pretty much what I'm going for except I'm going crit over mastery for off heals


keep in mind this is all subject to change at any moment

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haste is horrible now, its our worst secondary stat, weird hearing myself reading and typing that now, reason being is we cannot hit our 40% soft cap, so it looks like they want us to hit a lot harder now


our best secondary stat order is multistrike > mastery > crit > versatility > haste


i have tried out the empowered seals alot lately and it seems to work out better than final verdict for now, till you get a bit more epic gear + mastery, basically you go seal of righteousness, then judgement, then go back to seal of truth (to get the 15% haste) for the next 15-18 seconds and eventually judgement when its up (for the 15% AP), and just repeat that cycle so you have both buffs.

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Ok in the top 2 sims for EmpS and FV you have a priority of Mastery > Mult > Crit > Haste > Vers, currently in Highmaul EmpS is the prioritized talent with higher sims by a few hundred and I'd suggest a WA to maintain your seals, FV is much simpler in terms of upkeep so you could easily go with either and pull good numbers.

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      Hi everyone,
      I, like many others, are trying to maximize DPS for their respective classes, mine in particular being ret paladin.
      In general, it seems like there are several sources of information for dps for each class.
      Icy Veins Mr Robot Raidbots (Simulation Craft) Warcraft Logs Each with its own set of criteria as to what determines high dps. And I find inconsistency when bouncing between the different sources. I want to understand what am I missing when it comes to each. I will lay out what I currently understand, and would like some feedback as to what I may not be considering in each as well as some advice as to what other options I could be exploring (resources) to further the insight into whats applicable for my current state.
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      If I am reading this right, its Mastery >= Haste > Ver >= Crit = Str
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      Gear simc:
      Stat Weights:
      Vers -> crit -> mastery -> haste -> str
      (versitality first?)
      Warcraft Logs
      I mostly use Warcraft Logs to check what the top dps players (ret pallys) are hitting and what setups are they running. I don't want to specifically link player armories in here, but upon some investigation, you'll find most are just stacking haste
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