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Understanding Stat Priorities on Items

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Hi Everyone,

Returning to D3 after an absence.

Trying to figure out the best desired stat rolls for items as per the guides, have always struggled with this.

Am deciding to play DH Shadow Impale build this season 25. For example:

The Compass Rose

1. Socket

2. Critical Hit Chance

3. Critical Hit Damage

4. Area Damage or Attack Speed

So am I looking for a ring rolled with all these stats? Because most of the time it will roll with Dexterity. So wouldn't it be unlikely that I would find such a ring? 

If I had one with say Dex,CHD,socket and Attack speed    -     should I reroll Dex into CHC? Doesn't this defeat the purpose of Ancients? (as the ancient would have possible higher Dex but not higher CHC)

What if CHD was really low and Dex was really high? What if overall damage goes down because I re-roll Dex?

I'm confused. Just trying to figure out how to decide between 2 items.

EG: I have 2 Convention of Elements
Priorities are:

1. Socket

2. Critical Hit Chance

3. Critical Hit Damage

4. Area Damage or Attack Speed

Ring A (Ancient):                Ring B (non-Ancient):
+618 Dexterity                     +473 Dexterity

CHD : + 46% (rolled)            + 49% (rolled)

CHC: + 4.5%                           +5.0%

Socket                                     Socket

The game shows no difference in damage but minus in toughness and recovery on Ring B (must be secondary stats)

Which Ring is better? (should I choose?)

Thanks for any explanation of this. Especially @Deadset






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I'm not an expert but from my point of view it depends on what build you are using and what particular item we want to analyse.

For example: in case of rings / amulets socket is far more important than any other stat. Your build (shadow impale) depends on relatively high CDR for perma Vengance so CDR on shoulders is far more imporant than the other defensive stats. When using a build that has a specific attack speed breakpoint then attack speed may become crucial. Or if using primary skill (GoD DH) then % skill dmg is far more important than defensive rolls on appropiate armor parts.

Generally speaking you want to have an ancient item to be able to use augments on it. But it is not always a case especially in case of jewellery, since non ancient may be way better than ancient.

Don't worry about dex imho. Rerolling dex out of items is something meant for high paragon players, probably 2k+ paragon, since with high augments and paragon you should have more than 20/30/40k main stat.


Answering your questions:

In case of the amulet, yes, you should at some point reroll DEX for CHC if all other vital stats are rolled and your paragon is high.

In case of the ring, definitely ancient one. It can be augmented, non ancient cannot.

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Pretty much what Rae said. Always remember the stat priorities listed are for end game builds with plenty of paragon levels. If you have 1000 paragon points in DEX (=5000 dex), the +500 or so from a ring will be much less important than CDR or other stats...and, at that point, you can just throw those dex points back in with an augmentation. For similar reasons, in some builds (mostly magic users) you'll see a recommendation to augment or socket non-main-stat gems (e.g. a Witch Doctor socketing Rubies instead of Topaz), since the increase of armor from STR is more useful than the increase of resistance from INT.

It is LITERALLY impossible to have a Compass Rose drop with those 4 stats - you will always have to reroll one of them. But if you get one with Dex/CHC/CHD/Socket, for example, I'd definitely keep it like that in the short term. 

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