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My 1st Arena Entry, review

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Casual Magic the Gathering x4 years

Hearthstone player X2 days. Been reading guides on Icy-Veins

Clicked Arena button. No take backs. Committed.

3 choices

Shaman, Druid,Paladin

Not too familiar with Paladins. How good are they?

Shaman, still weak and unfamiliar.

So by default, I chose the Druid. Then I just tried to remember how others played him against me.

First, there did not appear to be any limit to time for card selection. No warnings went off. Having remodeled most of my custom decks by the priority spreadsheets of other classes,I tried to give more value towards those cards.

my mana curve came out pretty evenly spread.

I found that a strong start often led to victory along with board control. If my draw struggled, I died.

Force of Nature is a beast! It saved my bacon against Illidan Stormrage. It also turned a loss into a win during a race match.

In the end, I won 3 matches.

Please review my cards and tell me what you think. Too bad I can't share specific details about the matches. Feedback, even negative, is appreciated. Especially when supported by more documentation.

Cards I remember.

No Legendary cards.

Between Ancient of Lore or Ancient of War. Chose A of Lore twice.

Force of Nature

Big Game Hunter

Young Priestess

Swipe X2

Druid of the Claw

Acadia Swamp Ooze X2

Sen'jin Shieldmasta

Shattered Sun Cleric

Ironbark Protector

Dire Wolf Alpha

Raging Worden (which I never got activated) how do I use this guy?

Silver Hand Knight

Chillwind Yeti

Storm wind Champion X2

Iron beak Owl

Frost Elemental

Leper Gnome

Mad Bomber

Mark of Nature x2

Wild Growth

Raid Leader

Soul of the Forest

Dread Corsair

Strangle thorn Tiger

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Hey Deafwolf,

if you want to keep track of your runs and add notes to them you might want to check out

Overall your picks look solide, but it is hard to jugde not knowing the other options. Maybe try recording it next time. 

On the topics of classes you should pick what you are familiar with.

Feel free to ask if you have more questions.

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Thanks for your reply Net. I watched one of you recent videos on draft. I appreciate the advice. I don't like to blame luck on any of my losses, but there are times where you just get an awful draw.

I just about squirting my pants when my opponent played Illidan Stormrage. I was beside myself, vocally exclaiming, "NO FAIR". I didn't get any epics.

Thank you Force of Nature for giving me some removal.

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All I can say is, 3 wins on your first time in the Arena is great! I have been playing for almost 2 months, and I have been in the Arena probabluy 10 or 11 times, I have only won 3 games once, my average wins is just over 1.

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