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STREAM: Oath guild. First Highmaul. Mannoroth

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    • By IzbacivacX
      Hi everyone, Today i listed Twitch channels and i noticed there is not a single good Demon Hunter Stream.
      So i have decided to take that under my hand and Stream my Arena games every evening.
      A little about me:
      I am 31 Years old, father of a beautiful Daughter, working Full time job in a Office. Living in Switzerland since 2001, Born and raised in Croatia.
      Language Skills: English, German, Swiss German, Croatian(native)
      Playing games since 2001 and had a quite cool Archivements in most of them.
      I also reached Gladiator titles several times on different classes in WoW: WOTLK, tho i have quited WoW untill Legion came out.
      So here i am again and trying to get Gladiator as DH this Season.

      So far from me, i would be glad to entertain you on my channel:
      My Twitch Channel
      Best Regards to all of You
    • By Uchi
      "Order and chaos" at Twilight's hammer invites you to join our First Blackhand mythic mount giveaway on 17/08/2016 at 21:00 server time.Winner will be picked from our gm's stream viewers.Only requirements are being 100 lvl, horde and ofc be on stream for the
      roll.If the turnout is big archimonde mythic mount will follow on last week before the expansion.Additional info will be available on stream.Please follow for more awsome events.
    • By ZeroSFairy
      Hey guys!
      Help me out and show some support!
      I just started streaming and mainly stream HotS. Although, I will stream other games from time to time. I'm surprised to see the HotS streaming community is not as big as I thought, but would like more people to participate!
      Find me @
      I have a schedule for streaming, but I really try to stream as much as I can. Any follow or even a good conversation is truly appreciated!
    • By Ottigan
      Hey guys, my name is Ottigan and i play Hearthstone on EU. I have reached legend 8x! And I am one of the few people with a Golden Shaman, because i LOVE Midrange Shammy! I have managed to grind my way to Golden Warlock(with atleast 200 Handlock wins), Golden Hunter - feel free to hate me for this one. Golden Mage - i do love me some Freeze and Golden Warrior - i do enjoy both Control and Patron. As a player i prefer ladder over arena, but i still do some arenas from time to time.
      I have played multiple games during my gaming life: Mario, Contra, Sonic, Final Fantasy 1-9, Diablo 2, Runescape, Original Dota, CS 1.5, CS 1.6, Travian, Heroes of Might&Magic 2-4,MU Online, World of Warcraft(starting with Wrath till Warlords while skipping MoP ), League of Legends, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, Hearthstone and manyyyy others I find it kinda crazy, but that is something i enjoy with all my heart!
      Either way, i have been streaming for about 2 months. So there is a small community and it should not be boring as long as you can tolerate the random cancer songs and the silly chat!
       Below you can see the expected times for the stream to be online and links for all the relevant stuff, see you soon!
      Mon-Friday+Sunday ::: Starting @ ~5:00pm GMT
    • By rooberino
      Hi everyone 
      My Name is Roberto and I´m native italian but i live in Paderborn, Germany where i was born and grew up.
      I´m 22 years old and my Hobbies are mainly gaming and longboarding .
      Since my childhood I like to play on consoles when I was 10years old I got my first PC. Since then I am a passionate Computer Gamer.
      2 weeks ago I decided to start streaming on twitch now my stream overlay is finally finished and the only thing missing are viewers the most important thing on a stream .
      The Language i will speak is German when i play Hearthstone and english while playing CS:GO and other games  but if you have questions in english or german i will do my best to reply to them .
      [li]I started  streaming in May 2015 on and I play Hearthstone since the closed beta. My goals as streamer are to build up a nice community to play together and talk with. I also have a YouTube channel where i will upload my best gaming moments in the future .
      [li]If you are interested in my stream, I would appreciate if you would stop by and follow me on my Twitch channel . You can follow me on Youtube and twitter too if you want.
      I usually stream in the afternooon from 5pm - 11pm[CET] weekdays and on weekends i´ll try to stream from 2pm - open end .
      My Twitch:
      My YouTube:
      My Twitter: