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Combat weapons - fast/slow

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I have question about weapons in Combat spec.


Currently Im using fast main hand dagger and slow offhand mace.


Dagger is 640 ilevel and Mace is 630 ilevel.




I also have second Mace 630 ilevel.


Is it better to stay with fast/slow with higher ilevel


I should stay slow/slow with lower ilevel ??


What do you think.


Can you also give me small feedback about weapons in Combat spec.

Do slow/fast acts as good as fast/slow or any other combination can be useful ?


For example, is it works same as Subtlety offhand which does not count. You can put higher ilevel weapon for Sub even if its slow and you dont have better dagger.

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Well, my recommendation is to run two slow weapons. But, for all we know, the better itemized and better dps weapons could provide a larger damage output. Try running a simulation to see what it says. 



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its always best to have a slow weapon in MH over a dagger, so thats the 1st change i would make, 2nd you should aim for 2 slow weapons 


id also like to point you in the direction of which is a dps sim for rogues

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Whichever one gives you more damage should be the one in your main hand. The weapon damage matters at that point, then you can look at which stats are most beneficial.


My guess is that your Mace should be mh and Dagger should be oh, so you can benefit from the better weapon dps. However, having looked at them, if your second mace is the same as the other one, running both maces is probably better cause you'll get more Haste out of it


As conmysterio said, check on Shadowcraft to see which setup would be more optimal for you


Edit: alternatively you could play Sub with the dagger mh, since it gives great stats for you

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Thx guys for answers.


I do have the same second Mace.


However I will check Shadowcraft to calculate sim dps with offhand dagger and without.

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Just how accurate is Shadowcraft right now? SimCraft and Icy-veins both tell me differently than Shadowcraft does, and I wanna make sure which is most reliable before I go ahead and itemize. 



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It's probably the most accurate, cause it will give you up-to-date information with the gear you currently have on.


For example: even though Mastery is best for Assassination, maybe you have too little crit to reliably generate bonus combo points so crit is of more value to you in your current gear. Icy-Veins won't tell you that cause it just gives a basic stat priority, and while SimCraft might tell you the same kind of information, it's much more difficult to make sure that its profile is working properly since you have to code it yourself.

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