Haste Breakpoints for Fire & Bombs

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I was having trouble finding a good reference for what I wanted to have my haste at given how weak it is for fire right now.

The only reason for this was DoT breakpoints being affected by it, and I had quite a bit of trouble finding a good reference.

Figured I'd share what I found here.

I found the above spreadsheet >Here<

I'd like to note the tabs at the bottom showing a detailed breakdown of the haste breakpoints for other classes as well.

I hope you guys find it as useful as I did.

I'd also like to request a haste breakpoint table being added to ever-expanding mage guides.

With Love (except for you, vish),


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I'd like to add another item into this thread for fire that I had been looking for just the right addon for.

For a while I had settled for mage nugget's ignite tracker for tracking my ignite, but I felt it wasn't 100% accurate.

I'm not positive how it works, maybe it is, but anyways I made a new mage friend recently who shared with me their weak aura Ignite tracker that simply watches the tooltip.

That might be what mage nuggets tracker does, idk, but this I am sure of and I am sharing their weak aura script here for anyone interested.

Just go to make a new aura, click import, then paste the following:


It's a simple text aura, and credit for its creation goes to Eyliria <Something Wicked> of Whisperwind (US)

edit: of course it requires the addon Weak Auras


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I think I'll add some more similar posts into here and eventually add them all into the original post.

Well, for a while now I've wanted to make a "Mage Macro" thread, but that felt a little played out.

The way I figure it, I'll just make a "Misc. Mage Tools" thread that has a little of everything. Some references to obscure mechanics (what else could I add I wonder, though), some macros, some ultra-specific script for addons to help out the mage that use them.

The best part, I'll take all contributions, and look around for external contributions and of course give credit to anything I didn't make myself.

Feel free to add your own now, and once I get some additional content I'll modify the OP.

edit: If you don't post, and just lurk the forums regularly, but would like to have something added: you can reach me via skype or private message me and I'll add it that way.

edit2: I actually really enjoy that script up there for ignite for when I play fire, but I made a few of my own visual cue auras for frost and some talents.

I'll post them along with screenshots since they are purely visual.

Consider me a tad anxious for the servers to be up!

I think I'll rename the thread "Miscellaneous Mage Modules & Morsels"

I freakin' LOVE alliteration.


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      Hope this helps!