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Need help with my rogue deck

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So I've created a rogue deck of my own, and I want to hear what you guys have to say and what I could replace. The deck list is listed here:


Backstab x2

Deadly Poison x2

Blade Flurry x2

Eviscerate x2

Sap x2

Annoy-o-Tron x1

Goblin Auto-Barber x2

Mechwarper x2

Cogmaster's Wrench x1

Fan of Knives x2

Harvest Golem x1

Iron Sensei x2

Tinker's Sharpwood Oil x1

Enhance-o-Mechano x1

Master of Disguise x2

Mechanical Yeti x1

Piloted Shredder x2

Azure Drake x2


The main goal of the deck is to try to maintain control of the board with various spells like Backstab and use of the weapon, while trying to get a stealthed Iron Sensei to buff up the various mech minions. I chose Master of Disguise over Conceal because the stealth it gives is permanent, allowing the Iron Sensei to be protected for multiple turns. I've managed to beat all expert classes with this deck, and although the MoD and Iron Sensei combo is slow, I've gotten it to work before and rushed the opponent to death with a buffed up Mechanical Yeti or Piloted Shredder. I'm curious to see what you guys will think if a rogue deck based around synergy with the Iron Sensei could work, and what cards I should try to add/replace for improvement. Thank you for your time!




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It could work very wel. I would remove both azure drakes and replace with stranglethorn tigers.I would replace harvest golem with Bloodmage Thanos, and piloted shredder with Van Cleve.

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It could work very wel. I would remove both azure drakes and replace with stranglethorn tigers.I would replace harvest golem with Bloodmage Thanos, and piloted shredder with Van Cleve.
Nvm about shreeders for vancleef, keep boyh and instead remove saps for assassinates.

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Try to integrate:

2x Shiv

1x Bloodmage Thalnos

1-2x Violet Teacher


For mid game control:

2x Preparation

1x Gadgetzan Auctioneer

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Now you should have thanos, x2 strangthorn tigers, Shade of Nax. Should be fun to see turn 6 as 5+5+X damage using eviscerate, Bloodmage Thanos, stranglethorn tiger and Shade (reverse other for play).

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