Full stack developer for video game websites (Icy Veins, PoE Vault, and more)

Description of the Position

We are looking to hire a full-time, versatile developer in Bucharest, Romania to work on Icy Veins, PoE Vault, and our future sites. The main focus of the job will be on our content management system, which is built with Laravel (a PHP framework). We also want someone who can (or is at least willing to learn to) extract data directly from games (such as the item database we have on PoE Vault).

As this is our first hire, our objective is also to recruit someone who could have a CTO-like position within our organization in the coming years.

To apply, please send us an email: [email protected]

Minimum Requirements

  • Strong Experience in PHP, HTML, CSS
  • Avid gamer, preferably PC games with a strong focus on replayability (World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Warframe, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of scripting languages like Python or Ruby


Any of the following experiences/traits would definitely be a plus.

  • Having done volunteer/paid work for video game sites
  • Rudiments of Search Engine Optimization
  • Experience with C or C++
  • Comfortable in shell scripting
  • Having already played with datamining libraries for extra data from video games

What we Offer

  • Fair market compensation
  • Growth opportunities — this role revolves around kickstarting the in-house Technical Department for Icy Veins / PoE Vault, which you would eventually grow to lead as CTO. Expected Progress:
    • 1 month: be ready to start datamining (especially if you know a bit of C or if willing to learn)
    • 3 months: understand how the product is built, how it works and add to it / fix low / mid-level issues if they arise
    • 1 year: become fully operational, do anything on the current platform and offer support with game data extraction
    • 2 years: see year 1 + supervise new hires
  • A lot of know-how in terms of programming. Damien, the co-founder of Icy-Veins and PoE Vault is a senior programmer and a person you can learn a lot of things from
  • A team of senior developers you will be interacting with daily
  • A place where you can make your mark
  • A cozy office situated somewhere between Dristor Metro Station and Mall Vitan
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work from time to time