Current Job Postings on Icy Veins

Applying to Work for Icy Veins

If you are passionate about video games, exceptionally skilled in your chosen field, and feel like you would be the perfect fit for our team here at Icy Veins, then you may be wondering how to find a job here.

This page contains all of the job offers that we currently have open, along with the general requirements for all positions on our team, as well as specific ones for each job.

General Applications

If you do not see a position currently open on this page, but still feel that you could make a difference to our team, you can always send in a general application.

Given that these applications will specifically be for jobs that we do not currently have an opening for, it will be up to you to convince us that, firstly, there is a problem that needs fixing or a new idea that needs development, and secondly, you are the right person to do either of these things.

You can send any general applications to [email protected].

Application Format

We do not provide any advice or format for the application process, as we feel that this gives us a solid first impression of you as a potential employee, depending on how you structure and approach your submission.

Note that we will treat all correspondence as part of the application process, including the email that you attach your personal documents to.

Requirements for All Positions

For every position on our team, we have general requirements that must be fulfilled by all applicants.

  • You must be comfortable writing and communicating in English. While we prefer having a native speaker to fill the position, we welcome applicants from all nations, as long as they have a strong level of fluency.
  • You should be well regarded by the community that you will be writing for or communicating with; we try to maintain the best possible discourse with community-driven Discords and sites, to ensure the quality of the content on the site.
  • You must be comfortable using Discord, as this will be your primary point of contact with the rest of the team.

Open Positions

  • None, currently