Icy Veins Masterclass

Welcome to our first Masterclass! It will teach you how to maximize your DPS in World of Warcraft by using the best tools available: RaidBots and WarcraftLogs. It is available to anyone with an active Icy Veins subscription. The episodes are as follows.

  1. Introduction / How To Set Up Raidbots
  2. Importing Your Character
  3. How To Use Raidbots Top Gear
  4. How To Use the Raidbots Droptimizer
  5. How To Use Raidbots Gear Compare
  6. How To Use Raidbots Advanced
  7. Getting Started With WarcraftLogs
  8. Understanding WarcraftLogs Reports
  9. Improving Yourself With WarcraftLogs

To watch the Masterclass, please use the video player below.

For feedback about the Masterclass, please use our Masterclass feedback thread (subscribers-only).