Job Opening: Path of Exile Guide Writer

Job Path of Exile

This position is no longer opened.

We are currently looking for a very experienced Path of Exile player/build creator to help build up and maintain our guide library on PoE Vault. The writer will need to be able to create and maintain a multitude of different builds, for different classes and ascendancies.

This is a paid position, with the amount earned by the writer being a share of the amount generated by the guides that they write. We also offer advance payments to cover the writers while traffic on the guides is building up.


  • You will be creating guides, with the main priority being build guides; you will also have the freedom to create other gameplay related guides should you so desire.
  • You will be expected to maintain and update your guides as required by patches and the evolution of the meta-game.
  • You will be required to respond to feedback and comments left on your guides, as well as make changes according to the feedback when necessary.


Note that the general requirements listed here all apply to this position.

  • You will need a deep understanding of Path of Exile's mechanics and the current meta surrounding the game.
  • You must have familiarity with several different ascendancies/classes, as you will be required to create content for a wide number of playstyles.
  • You will be expected to put out a steady flow of content, with frequent updates or new builds.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.

Applying for the Position

If you feel that you are the right person to fill the position, you can send us an application at [email protected].