Surv or BM for CM's, and what should my stat prio be.

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So, I'm starting to take a look at CM's for the first time in WoD and I'm considering doing them on my hunter. 

I sold CM carries for in game gold for about six months, doing 15ish runs a week so I am well aware that a regular raiding setup may not cut it. Due to CM's favoring AoE builds a little more than single target ones.


I'm tossing up between playing Lone Wolf Surv, or BM. I know both have amazing AoE, but I'm just not sure what will come out on top..


As far as stat priority goes, I feel like Multi>Mast>Crit>Vers>Haste would be the best option for Surv due to the need for high AoE damage. I'm not a very experienced hunter due to maining my shaman in MoP so I was wondering if any of the high end hunters on the forums could give me a little insight into this.


As far as BM goes, I assume that mastery would be the best stat but after that I'm just not sure.


I hope to see some replys soon!

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Play Beast Mastery with a Mastery build.


There's a CM section in the guide in my signature.

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