Surv or BM for CM's, and what should my stat prio be.

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So, I'm starting to take a look at CM's for the first time in WoD and I'm considering doing them on my hunter. 

I sold CM carries for in game gold for about six months, doing 15ish runs a week so I am well aware that a regular raiding setup may not cut it. Due to CM's favoring AoE builds a little more than single target ones.


I'm tossing up between playing Lone Wolf Surv, or BM. I know both have amazing AoE, but I'm just not sure what will come out on top..


As far as stat priority goes, I feel like Multi>Mast>Crit>Vers>Haste would be the best option for Surv due to the need for high AoE damage. I'm not a very experienced hunter due to maining my shaman in MoP so I was wondering if any of the high end hunters on the forums could give me a little insight into this.


As far as BM goes, I assume that mastery would be the best stat but after that I'm just not sure.


I hope to see some replys soon!

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Play Beast Mastery with a Mastery build.


There's a CM section in the guide in my signature.

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    • By NasharStormrage
      Which trinket should I be using (obviously arms warriors are not concerned with iLvl because Mastery is desired over strength.
      I have the 820 iLvl trinket from a timewarped dungeon and that with heroism, Battle Cry, Potion, trinket use, could provide an extreme amount of dps burst which is also on a 1.5m CD. It seems like an obvious choice but I wanted to hear any thoughts or opinions that people have since I'll be losing 500+ static mastery. Also, the use effect gives around 20-24% increased damage during colossus smash. 

    • By Tools
      I have seen several post on bm dps questions and don't see many responses so I thought I'd drop some quick tips and other feel free to add. I am no know it all by any means but I do seem to out dps a lot of mm and the bm's I see. Spec seems to be a common issue. I spend hours a week on test dummies which is always a good habit for anyone. Cobra shot spec is the key I have found to work best for me. I hear and see a lot of player say bm is lazy and nothing to do spec. If you aren't using a cd or ability you are doing it wrong that's the first sign. There is very little down time if played right. Killer Cobra is a key to this in the spec. Most other talents icy has are fine but some can be tweaked for raid/dungeon. Way of the cobra talent is also key to this combo in the spec. I will start with my opener and explain why. Pre pot obviously then I open with AMOC , Dire. I see a lot disagree but here is my reasoning. you don't want to use AMOC. During BW or its a waste of fury so you need to offset the timers and AMOC gets buffs ticks during it's duration so no need to use it with other cd's. I use Dire after AMOC because it replaces the fury I just lost for casting AMOC. Next I use BW, MOTW, Titans and any racial buff you have and spam Cobra and KC. In this spec every cobra shot during BW resets KC. You want to burn all the fury while still using dire cd during BW. After the burn phase you will use KC every cd and Dire and use Cobra shot above 75% or so fury. Make sure you're next cd of Titans is done correctly. Always cast Titans after Dire since its effected by the number of pets you have out. You do need to even space your Cobra shots and no spam them so you're auto attacks can proc some extra Dire. Don't burn fury with Cobra's on non burn phases and let fury regen it is a dps loss. Your Titans will line up with you're BW and MOTW cd's if you do it right. Next is very important as well. Depending on your fury when you notice BW is about ready to use you need to let your fury get to max even if it means skipping a KC cd' you want full fury when you hit it every time for you're Cobra KC spam rotation. This will help out most a lot to get started I hope and there is always more tiny stuff but a lot of it is common sense so I will skip to stats.
      Stats for bm are very important like any class. You must get you're mastery up as high as possible. Haste is very important and at low ilevels more than mastery even. I might get a lot of disagreement in this but here is why. Haste is your regen and without fury your are sitting doing nothing. Below 850 you may want to have a few haste heavy items to get you to 10% then go for mastery at all costs. The higher you're mastery and haste get you will notice a very good steady increase in dps. Crit is a decent 3rd stat if you have to get a mastery item but skip vers at all costs its crap. I am over 300k on every fight and some close to 400 single target at 873 ilevel and still missing several key gear items. The dps is bm is good and I very much like the mobility.
      As far as raid tips the biggest I can say is a pet attack macro. Hati is so dumb its a huge dps loss with its add and the other pet you have is slow to react as well. Pet attack combined with your attacks is a big dps help. Also I hope some wow dev reads this since I send them bugs reports daily but yes flying pets do more dps. As this is literally proven by many players besides myself for an really dumb reason. They don't get stuck in the floor during fights. Yep a good 10k dps I can tell on parses its that dumb. One more huge tip. Always keep pet tenacity spec. Tank pets to way more damage with stomp. Id you get lucky like I did and get apex this is even a bigger increase. Hope this helps and hammy hunting.!!
    • By Halestorm
      Hello, I raided back during WotLK and Cata with a resto druid.  Back then we aimed for certain percentages of haste so we could eventually obtain the 3 extra ticks in Rejuvenation, 2 in Regrowth, and 1 in Wild Growth.  After that threshold was met we then focused on Mastery. (but back then our HoT's didn't crit)  So my question is; Are these haste threshold's still something to be aiming for?  And if so, what are these threshold's?  Does haste still affect these spells the same way?  Are there goals to be aiming for with our secondary stats?  I've been gone for a few years and any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • By Zantetsukin
      So I was curious. The Havoc Demon Hunter guide states that Crit and Versatility are the best secondary stats. However, there are very few pieces of gear that actually have crit and versatility. Most for DH's gear typically include crit/haste, or crit/mastery. Sometimes mastery/haste. I've seen some of the "pvp gear" have crit/versatility but it usually is 835 or rarely 845. Never seen anything over 850 have crit/versatility. So with that being said, with optimized stats being extremely rare to get, should blizz reinstate gear reforging?
    • By Westy
      I have seen recently that Icy Veins changed the Protection Paladin stat priorities with the release of 7.1. I wanted to do my own research on it so downloaded the latest build of Simcraft  SimcSetup-710-01-Win64.exe , dated 2016-10-29 05:41, and run a tank based sim. No matter what settings I changed I could not replicate Icy Veins findings for their stat priorities of:
      Haste; Versatility; Mastery; Critical Strike. Further more as they do not post a pawn string or show weights it is also hard to see how much one stat is better than another.
      Anyhow I have run many many sims on this and the result I get is shown in the attached image. I set it to run 25000 sims with a patchwork fight using T19H. Even if I change it to T19M it does not really change the results.
      As you can see it ranks Crit slightly above Mastery, but more or less equal, so why does Icy Veins say that Master is above Crit.
      Can anyone shed some light on this for me so I know I am gearing correctly. What do I believe?

      Addition - I have run it on another Prot Paladin that has 888 gear and get the priorities of:
      Sta > Vers > Str ~= Crit ~= Mastery ~= Haste
      What is going on, am I doing something wrong or is it that there is no one glove fits all stat order. Maybe he has enough Mastery and Haste already so it only recomends Versitility as a good stat now. I am very confused.