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So I've been away from WoW ever since I reached level 100 on my Mage and Monk, and didn't do any of the end-game content yet.


Now I'm thinking of returning and am wondering what the fastest / easiest way to gearing up is (without spending gold) so I can join my Guild members on latest raids.


Any tips? I'll add recommended suggestions to this opening post so other returning players can see what to do.


PvE: Reward (Requires)

Heroic Dungeons: 630 (610 & Silver Proving Grounds)

Highmaul LFR: 640 (615)

BRF LFR: 655 (635)

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Heroic dungeons will give 630 gear (require 610 ilvl and silver proving grounds), and if you have a tank (and sometimes a healer) you can get a satchel with a BoA 630 piece (random slot), ~180g, and a couple of augment runes, alongside of what you already get.  Be sure to also use your 3 crafted slots, as they start at 640 (630 for weapons).  You can use these pieces to fill any slots that you're struggling to get or just won't drop.  If you have some really nice guildmates, you can have them craft you a few pieces and maybe the upgrades as well (each upgrade levels up the item by 15 ilvls).  

After that, there's highmaul lfr which rewards 640 gear (requires a 615 ilvl), BRF lfr which rewards 655 gear (requires 635 ilvl), and at around 625-630 you can get into Normal Highmaul PuGs and hope for a decent group.  Heroic HM groups usually have a 645-650 requirement, and Normal BRF is 650-660 for PuGs.  

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Now I'm thinking of returning and am wondering what the fastest / easiest way to gearing up is (without spending gold) so I can join my Guild members on latest raids.

Well, before giving any tips I have to point on a pure contradiction here: the fast and easiest way to gear up IS to spend gold.


So, let's aim for two weeks of preparing your character to raids and assume that your guild wants to help. I'm taking two weeks because of followers raid missions.


1. Garrison.

- Upgrade your amount of followers to 25 and upgrade their gear (optional, just makes things a bit easier and brings more gold).

- Follower missions give you a decent amount of 645 epic gear (chance for Warforged, chance for socket)

- After 3(2?) of your followers reaches 645 ilvl, you will get Highmaul Raid missions that contains 655 Highmaul Normal gear item.

- Once your character will have 15 kills in Highmaul Normal, you'll receive 670 Highmaul Heroic gear item.

- Once your character will have 15 kills in Highmaul Heroic, you'll receive 685 Highmaul Mythic gear item.


BRF followers missions:

- After 2 of your followers reaches 660 ilvl, you will get BRF Raid missions that contains 670 BRF Normal gear item.

- Once your character will have 21 kills in BRF Normal, you'll receive 685 BRF Heroic gear item.

- Once your character will have 21 kills in BRF Heroic, you'll receive 700 BRF Mythic gear item.


Get the Master Plan addon. It has a tab called "Missions of Interest", where it has missions such as the Highmaul Raid, BRF raid, etc. It will show all different raid missions, and the best group setup from your active followers...although note that it will list followers who are not at needed ilvl yet, but it will tint those followers red to let you know you have to raise their levels up.

The addon shows time from the last mission too, so you'll know when to wait for the next one (once in 2 weeks)


You can get only one type of every raid mission (one for Highmaul and one for BRF) once in 2 weeks.


2. Salvage Yard lvl 3: send your followers only to missions with Big Crate of Salvage revard (missions lvl 97+, better 100+). You will get loads of money from vendoring greens and a chance for 665 epic BoE for you.


3. Build a Barn and Alchemy Lab on both of your toons. Switch profession to Alchemy on your raid toon. Savage Blood and Catalists are BoE, so you will be able to have two crafted trinkets ilvl 620 and 645 immediately (in a couple of days). After two weeks you will have enough mats to craft 685 BoE Alchemy trinket and use it or sell it on AH to buy other BoE gear you need.

This 685 trinket worth 3-4 other BoE 655-670 ilvl gear items in terms of gold.


If your guild want you back to raid and willing to help with gearing:


- Ask the guys to give you a bunch of BoE items, put them to your backpack, go Highmaul LFR. You don't have to use these items, it's enough to have them in bag for being eligible to enter the raid. 

One run is normally enough to have your ilvl eligible for BRF LFR. Do it too.


- Ask your guild to run you twice (two resets) through Highmaul Normal and BRF Normal. It's about 90-100 minutes for every raid with the guild group if they are BRF 10/10 H or close to it. So you'll have 14/15 Highmaul kills for Heroic followers mission and 20/21 kill for BRF. Just push additional kill with a PuG on the first day of next reset.

If your guild is willing to drag you through Heroic raid - amazing.


Do not waste your time in heroic dungeons - the ilvl there is too low. The only reason to go there is if you didn't start your Legendary Ring chain yet. In this case, take a guild group and run through those you need.



For those people having gold and willing to spend it for gearing (one day of your time and about 150K gold):


Ask your guild from what ilvl they will take you back to raid. If they really want you back, it shouldn't be more than 665-670 ilvl for BRF H.


- Go to AMR (Ask Mr.Robot), find your BiS with the proper filters, find what kind of crafted gear you need.

- Go to AH, buy the cheapest crafted 645 for these slots. The difference in prices between the cheapest and your needed gear could be 1-5K, so buy the cheapest and reroll the stats.

- Buy or craft the upgrade items 655-670-685 ilvl (you'll know where to stop)

- Buy BoE world and raid drop. 665-670 ilvl items are very cheap now.

- Run BRF LFR if you still have some greens-blues.


Should be enough.

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