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Arcane - Prophecy of Fear (Mannoroth Trinket)

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Am I correct in thinking this only changes the standard arcane rotation by casting AM off CD?


Is there anything else I should consider changing with this trinket?

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Basically whenever the trinket procs, you are going to want to prioritize AM. So even if you are mid burn with arcane power up, instead of spamming arcane blasts you will want to do whatever you can to get as many Arcane missiles into that mark of doom. For your burn rotation you have 2 options. The first option is more safe and consistent.

1. you will get to 4 arcane charges regardless of when mark of doom is applied, then spam all of your arcane missiles and while the missiles are in the are drop your crystal and use arcane power and continue your burn rotation while using any AM procs into the mark while it is active. 

2. the riskier opener. You will use arcane blast 2 times. If mark of doom hasn't been activated then continue with opener 2 otherwise use opener 1. So if you get 2 arcane charges with no mark of doom, drop your Prismatic crystal and use arcane power and burn. You are trying to get the mark to proc on the crystal. If the mark successfully lands on the crystal you will then blow all of your AM procs into the crystal with Arcane power up. however if the mark procs on the boss anyway, then you just weave am's on the boss while casting Arcane blast on the crystal. 

The second opener is slightly more rng based, but it yields much higher burst damage than opener 1 if you can pull it off. hope that makes sense.

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      Enjoying arcane alot right now. On the guide on the site (thumbs up for the fast update of the stat priority btw!) usage of Nether Tempest is not mentioned in the opening sequence or the burn phase. Do you apply NT in the burn phase so it can profit from Arcane Power and the Rune or before? According to my own testing, on single target, with 4 Stacks, NT does about the same damage as AB but only uses a GCD, so it should be worth using it with Rune/AP right? 
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      I think there might be a mistake in how Mastery is being evaluated by the guide. Its evaluated the lowest of the traits, and you can provide an easy mathematical comparison to vers since both give a direct damage boost by percentage.
      350 rating points at lvl 110 gives 1 percent to both mastery and to vers, with masterys 1 percent giving 1 percent bonus mana and .5 percent damage boost per arcane charge, meaning while 4 arcane charges are active its a 2 percent boost in damage per 1 percent mastery. 
      That would make the damage increase double that of Vers not including the gains made by having the additional mana pool to burn phase ratio.
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