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hearthstone Hearthstone: Ranked Player Spotlight and Rank 2 Legend Decks from ThaLucky1

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Blizzard's latest Ranked Player Spotlight is an interview with April's NA Rank 2 Legend, ThaLucky1.

We reported the standings earlier in the month. ThaLucky1 was second only to NoobOwl, who we still know very little about. This was ThaLucky1's third top ten finish. It was also his fourth top 25 in the last five months.

Peter Csampai is a 25 year old poker professional from Las Vegas. As well as being a poker player, he got into Hearthstone as soon as it was open to the public, thanks to one of his Magic: The Gathering friends. It seems that when you're a card game player, you'll try all of them.

He reached 5th place with RenoLock, and managed to get the top spot with Zoo on several occasions until the expansion hit. At that point he felt that Reno Freeze Mage was the most reliable deck, and he rode that to the end of the season.


The rest of the interview, linked at the beginning of this article, discusses ThaLucky1's thoughts on Standard, and competitive play in general. It is one of the more in depth interviews so far.

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