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Hearthstone: Americas Region April Ranked Play Season Results

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The final standings are in for the April Ranked Play Season, and the top ranked player in the Americas region was NoobOwl. This was the last season to count towards the Spring Preliminaries, and we now know which players have qualified for them on points.

NoobOwl is not a name that many people know, but other than being first this month, NoobOwl was also 54th in March. As always, it seems likely that Blizzard will do an interview so we can find out more about this player in the coming days.

The Americas region is undergoing some changes at the moment. It has the reputation of being the easiest server to get top 100 on. Memes about skill levels aside, the maths of the situation is that there are fewer players on the server, and so fewer players to take the top 100 spots. This has led to many players from Europe moving across, and the top 20 that I usually publish here has required an extension to top 25 this month because of the pure weight of talent in the list.


There are so many big names in that list that I'm not even going to mention the notables. I will however point out that muzzy's last five months have now been 3rd, 5th, 3rd, 6th, 5th. Unsurprisingly, he is also high up on the list of points earners for the season.


Looking further down the points list, AlSkyHigh, dog, Zalae, justsaiyan, Astrogation, Chakki, Fibonacci, TidesofTime, Faramir, wtybill, and PHONETAP are among the many notables to finish in the top 128 and qualify for the preliminary.

One player who is not in the list however, is 2014 World Champion, Firebat. We previously reported that he had probably qualified thanks to the points earned in the MSi EGLX Major, however the tournament finished too late for the points to count for the spring standings. His discussion on this can be found on Reddit, here.

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