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hearthstone Trolden's Funny and Lucky Moments #177 and #178

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Trolden has released Episode 178 of his Funny and Lucky Moments series. Included in this article is that episode, and also Episode 177.

Episode 177 starts with some three good, and fresh feeling, clips. The second clip shows something that happens very rarely, but is always a reminder not to play too fast when you see it. It might take you a moment to work out what occurred if it's not an interaction you're familiar with. The episode ends with a couple of Yogg-Saron, Hope's End clips, the first of which I enjoyed, the second not so much. Overall the start of the episode makes it worthwhile for me.

I thought Episode 178 was generally less good than 177. It does still have a couple of good moments, and I was glad to see the tribute to Zetalot included. For those who don't know of Zetalot, he is regarded as the best Priest player in the world. With Priest being regarded as the weakest class, he is still managing to churn out Legendary performances with the class every season. The play in the video shows his great understanding of his outs in a tough spot.

I Hope you enjoyed these two episodes of Trolden. With the new set coming next week, and it containing the usual new random effects, he should have plenty of new material very soon!

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