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Protection sim

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Hi I am working on a sim for prot warrior since simulationcraft doesn't work for it currently, you can check it out here if you like:

It runs pretty slow so scaling will take a lot of time. Have some problems with it still, like where haste will give more or less uptime on shield block depending on the current rating for some reason. If you find any other bugs please let me know. Currently for me it reports armor>haste>mastery>vers>strength>crit, with armor pretty far ahead - could be that darkmoon fair armor trinket is worth a try!

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    • By Holypro
      Armory Profile:ølypro/simple
      Obviously the  current gear I am using in this is what I have thought is best.
      My two questions are in regards to the ring and trinket. Obviously heathcliff's will stay but I cant decide between my current other ring and the Seal of darkshire nobility with a socket filled with quick dawnlight(

      Other question I have is with my trinkets. In armory profile you can see two I have equipped. The third I am deciding upon is a Mythic Warforged 870 Raven Eidolon(
      I always use 375 haste food and Stam flask when tanking, and most of my focus is on runing Mythic + dungeons. Not really a lot of time for pure raiding so most of my gear is tuned towards that and I have been reading in the higher level Mythic+ you want to start getting more versatility. Any suggestions for which might be better would be greatly appreciated. Pretty torn on what is best. Thanks!
    • By Westy
      I have seen recently that Icy Veins changed the Protection Paladin stat priorities with the release of 7.1. I wanted to do my own research on it so downloaded the latest build of Simcraft  SimcSetup-710-01-Win64.exe , dated 2016-10-29 05:41, and run a tank based sim. No matter what settings I changed I could not replicate Icy Veins findings for their stat priorities of:
      Haste; Versatility; Mastery; Critical Strike. Further more as they do not post a pawn string or show weights it is also hard to see how much one stat is better than another.
      Anyhow I have run many many sims on this and the result I get is shown in the attached image. I set it to run 25000 sims with a patchwork fight using T19H. Even if I change it to T19M it does not really change the results.
      As you can see it ranks Crit slightly above Mastery, but more or less equal, so why does Icy Veins say that Master is above Crit.
      Can anyone shed some light on this for me so I know I am gearing correctly. What do I believe?

      Addition - I have run it on another Prot Paladin that has 888 gear and get the priorities of:
      Sta > Vers > Str ~= Crit ~= Mastery ~= Haste
      What is going on, am I doing something wrong or is it that there is no one glove fits all stat order. Maybe he has enough Mastery and Haste already so it only recomends Versitility as a good stat now. I am very confused.
    • By donaging
      Hi guys,
      I'm trying to use an uncommon build: Crit - mastery - versatility - haste - because I thought to max my dps without lose too much survivality.
      These are my stats atm, with 2 different trinket.
      What do you think? am I doing a huge mistake?
      I'm 4/7 HC without problem, but i can't find a good trinket so i'm thinking that maybe i'm going to a wrong direction.

    • By Xanxos
      Hi Guys im new to the Forum and hope maybe to get some help
      SOO the thing is im running my Assa Rogue through Simcraft and im not so sure if the Resultes were right so i came here for help
      according to Simcraft my Rogue should be doing 149k dps but ingame on the Raiddummy im somwhere between 180k and 200k 
      so i was wondering am i missing something in the options of Simcraft or am i just that good a player (JK) and the other thing is the
      Statprio on simcraft is kinda strange and it just looks wrong according to Simcraft i should be doing this Agi > Crit > Vers > Haste ~= Mastery
      but in other forums or guides i keep reading about Agi > Mastery > Crit > Vers > Haste so im not sure whats right and whats wrong can somebody
      please push me in the right direction :D
      OH and here is my Armory if you guys need it in someway
      Thanks for the help in advance
    • By Debreker
      Today I found out about SimCraft in combination with the addon pawn (thanks finalboss for the video!).
      But my main question is: What are the "best" options to simulate with my prot warrior and get a proper stat weight and pawn string for a tank?
      I currently have the following settings (plots and reforge are disabled):