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Help with Unholy DK

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My girlfriend is new to WoW (joined at the start of Legion) and absolutely loves the death knight class and the way it plays. 

We have followed the DK guides on IV for the castigator spec (specifically the secondary stat choices). She has also learnt the rotation and executes it properly. 

She is however having slight issues with her DPS at her current ilvl (armory link: relative to a new DK that joined us in last nights raid (armory link:

Can someone give us some help regarding what we are doing right/wrong and where we can improve?


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Hi there Deadstopp


One really obvious thing, she appears to be stacking Mastery , its at 50% on her armory while she should be stacking crit. Her crit is low at 27.6% and should be over 33% for an optimal playstyle. This is likely down to available gear rather than gemming of course but it can be improved with some lucky drops.

Taken from IV guide

1.2. Castigator

Critical Strike;
Haste (until 18-19%);


Her trinkets are not amazing either, might be better with plain old Str/Crit ones from WQ's and hope for  Titan Forge to increase the stats.

One of the lads will do an in depth logs review for you soon I am sure.

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@Shells Yep xD.


As mention by Shells low crit, high mastery. I'm assume this is most likely not by choice so I'll leave that at that. And ofcourse as shells also mention a better trinket would be ideal. She can acquire trinkets pretty easily anything 840 strength+crit as stat sticks would out perform her current trinket. Other trinkets to look out for that would out perform her's at 840 would be memento of the angryboda from Maw, Chaos Talisman from Assault on violet hold, Ursocs paw at 850 or above would out perform the Ravaged pod, the Egg shell from dragon boss in DHT, and the trinket off the last boss in Kara.

Simple fix in talents needs to use All will serve on pure single target fights such as ursoc, trust it's better. I would suggest maybe checking out the dps guide in the forums for optimal talents and when to use what.

Just looking at ursoc heroic kill. She has some delayed Apocalypse casts, as well as soul reaper casts. He could have fit in 1 extra Apoc if used directly off CD, while ofcourse you wanna make sure you have 8 wounds on the target some pre-planning to it coming off CD can allow you to use it pretty quickly. Same goes for soul reaper, one of her soul reaper was delayed approx 40 seconds which is pretty long to delay it being it's a 45 second cooldown. You can Fit 1 Soulreaper in between casts of Apoc, being soul reaper is 45 and apoc is 90. One of her soul reapers she has missed one of the 3 stacks of the haste buff only getting 2 out of 3. She also spent a good bit runic capped around 70ish seconds out of the 3 min and 20 second fight, rather large dps decrease. Also she should be using Prolonged power it's both cheaper than Oldwar and out performs oldwar. She also didn't use her trinket off CD (ravaged seed pod) though i wouldn't worry about that to much it's something that she can most likely easily replace and won't really be something to worry about in the future.

Other than that she is performing pretty optimally nothing outstanding else I can see. If you can find some better trinkets and fix the issues with using CD/runic capping she'll be performing probably within 90% optimally.

TLDR Needs to work on using CDs off CD, and not being runic capped.

Edited by Drtain

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Thanks so much guys.

Yeah the gear thing is pretty much down to what is available and trying to keep to the stat prio as much as possible.

Will take a look at the trinkets etc and try and implement as much of the advice as we can!

Thanks again for the assistance!

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