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Keybind question with VuhDo

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I use a logitech G700 mouse and I bind the 4 buttons on the side to numbers on the spell bar.

When I set up VuhDo I can bind left, middle, right to spells but I need to bind more than 3 spells.

In VuhDo there is a "Mouse" section and a "Keys Global" section where numbers 1-16 can be bound do spells. I'm not entirely sure what this means but I tried binding 1 to rejuvenation but if I hover over the person I need to heal in VuHdo and either press one or the side mouse button bound to 1 it only ever casts the spell on my target ignoring VuHdo.

Is there something in VuhDo I am doing wrong or another addon that supports my in game keybinds?

One possibility I guess is to just use left, middle, and right only and then set up Shift + left, shift + middle, and shift + right or alt etc. as modifiers. I am guessing this is how other people do it? It's a bummer about not being able to use the side buttons I usually use for 1, 2, 3 etc. but this might be my only option :(


Edit: For other people stumbling on this I wanted to mention I created the groups/frames using the VuhDo quick start guide on the shammy forum and it helped me make sense of the ~8 panels I was looking at when I first installed the addon.

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OK, so given the above this is what I decided to set up for binds:


Left - Rejuv
Right - Regrowth
Middle - Ironbark

Sh + left - Lifebloom
sh + right - Wild growth
Sh = Mid - Focus

ctrl + left - Nature's Cure
ctrl + mid - Tranquility
ctrl - right - Swiftmend

Left side of Mouse Buttons
1 - Rejuv <- (ignore, may bind sun/moon/wrath, thorns/cyclone or some other spell later)
2 - Lifebloom <- (ignore, may bind sun/moon/wrath, thorns/cyclone or some other spell later)
3 - Essence of G'Hnair 
4 - Eflorescence



My thoughts here is I put Essence of G'Hnair and Eflorescence on side buttons because the target is relevant. 


The main spells I will need to spam often (I think) are Rejuv, Regrowth, and Lifebloom.

I usually drop Eflorescence where I think it looks useful, roll Rejuv to everyone, Lifebloom to the tank only, and then Regrowth whoever is taking damage. Most everything else is a cooldown.

The middle mouse button is harder to reach for something I am constantly casting so that is why I have CD's on it. 

Shift is also easier for me to reach than ctrl so I tried to order spells from most common casts = easier to reach binds to less common spells are harder to reach binds.

I'll probably keep a note up with the binds in the other monitor while I get used to where things are.

I have some other binds for other things and I might tweak things a bit but I think that covers the core of my healing arsenal (Resto is a 4th spec for me so might be forgetting something important). I should probably heal a fight or 2 in LFR to test it. 

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how to you select ppl using your interface ? I would advise to keep the left button for selecting people, it may become handy in some situations. For instance you may have an interrupt/root/silence/stun macroed with the overmouse modifier so you need to be able to heal someone while monitoring ennemies with your mouse pointer (that's mainly for pvp tbh)

You can get rid of ironbark, it does require anticipation  so map it on the keyboard.

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