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Help and tips about lack of HPS

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Hello everyone,

I want to ask for any tips on my logs, since I think I'm doing something wrong with my resto druid.

I have good gear (currently 958 ilvl) but I see other druids with similar or less gear do way higher HPS than me on the logs. I think I should be doing more than 900/1k hps, but rarely go above 700 in many fights.

Here are a couple of logs of Antorus hc:



I searched the logs and I think one of my main problems for the lack of healing is the rejuvenations. Other druids do far more healing with same or less rejuvs, since my average casts is around 450k (and other druids go up to 750 or even 1000).

I don't know if it's a problem with timing or overhealing (other healers snipping me), but I want to know other opinions.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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There is only so much healing to be done. Unless you feel your HPS is costing your guild / raid group fights... I wouldn't stress about it too much.

I am about the same item level (a little lower actually), and there are some fights I will pull 1.3 million HPS, and others where I will barely crack 400k HPS. It depends on the fight, the other healers, how much the raid group is derping on mechanics, how good your tanks are with active mitigation...

But if it really worries you, try to figure out what your play style is and whether your secondary stats reflect that.

People put a little too much faith in stat priorities, but they are based very much on assumptions not just about your play style, but also the play style of your party/raid members.

In terms of stuff you can control, for example, mastery is not going to be as strong if your play style means you are not keeping HoTs up on the targets you spam heal. If in doubt, try balancing out your secondary stats (except versatility - unless you are deliberately trying to weave high DPS in without going full Catweaver), and then experimenting a bit to see which stat increases help the most.

You can of course try simulating, but once again, this might not reflect your play style, and might not account for the dynamics of your party/raid group.

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A few tips from your Garothi kill:

  • You don't touch Innervate - why?
  • You take Flourish as your level 100 talent, but you only use it 60% of the possible times. You should be using it more often.
  • You spend so much time just doing nothing. I understand that Druid healing is somewhat passive, but doing nothing for nearly 50% of the fight means something is wrong. If there is nothing to heal, your group needs less healers. If you can't change the number of healers, swap to cat form and start to DPS a bit. You can't just be AFKing nearly half the fight.
  • A similar point on your Level 75 choice - your group has too much healing from other locations. You are barely getting any use out of cultivation, only around 2% rather than the normal 7-10%.
  • If you're ending a fight with nearly half your mana left, either the content is too easy or you can heal more. Throw out faster, more expensive heals. Try to end the fight with less mana. You could be spamming Regrowth, especially since you never use Innervate.

Hope this helps a bit.

On 18/01/2018 at 1:46 PM, Boosh said:

You can of course try simulating, but once again, this might not reflect your play style, and might not account for the dynamics of your party/raid group.

Simming is useless for healers. 

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