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[Resto] Help improving my HPS

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I think I am doing something seriously wrong with my resto druid. I have pretty decent gear but I see other druids with similar or less gear do way higher HPS then me on my recount meter. I've run simulations that said i should be getting 900hps but that's rather rare to see. During M+ runs when we're taking high damage i've seen 1-1.2mil hps - but in Antorus I feel like I'm stuck at 400-600hps


Recently I've gone up 20 item levels and gotten 3 T21 pieces but haven't seen my hps improve much. I've switched from spring blossoms to double rejuv in hopes that i could hit higher hps but today in Heroic Antorus i was still the lowest healer (sorry no logs from that)


Here are some logs from a guide I've been doing normal with:




Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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You can use wowanalyzer wich is a well made tool :)


As you can see on this fight :

- You didn't use your trinket, use it or consider using another trinket who suits you better.

- Use flourish more often it's a powerfull spell and mana saver

- Try to change legendaries asap

- cast more wild growth

- Try to use essence of ghanir after a wild growth, with a lot of rejuvs running (flourish is good to keep lots of rejuvs running)

- your ring is missing an enchant ^^

Mana issue :

- Use innervate more effectively (track it with weak auras and cast everything you can in it)

- Use a mana potion, or a mana trinket


Try to work with your burst heal outside tranq, throw a lot of rejuv, cast flourish, cast wildgrowth then ghanir

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Thanks for the reply. That's a cool tool I will use it going forward. 

I recently replaced the crappy boots with Edraith, Bonds of AglayaEdraith, Bonds of Aglaya but I can't say I've seen much of a difference, they're both pretty subpar. Let's hope the RNG is nicer with the next legendary. I think i must have gotten that ring in the run, thats the only reason I can think it wasn't enchanted and even then that's not a great excuse since I'm an enchanter lol


I think I've been using Essence of G'hanir wrong, so hopefully knowing this will help. 


Mana potion is a great idea, I run out of mana on some fights, idk why I didn't think of that before. Thanks again for the suggestions and the link to the tool. 




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Your major issue as well is your weap. Your using 820 relics from what i can see. a huge portion of your int comes from your weap. your logs show 942 ilvl, but your weapon is really holding you back from really living up to that ilvl. your weapon is only 1o lvls higher then your overall ilvl. get that up and not only will it boost your overall ilvl. the int boost will be huge, increasing your overall heals. even putting in 910 relics from the vindicare will see your weapon jump massively.

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I'm sending you a log with comparison to myself on the same fight when I was the same ilvl with only 2set T21, so you can check out the difference between spells. 

While Spring blossoms is a good option on Varimathras specifically, I personally don't recommend it on other fights, as I make more use of the 2 min CD on Tranquility, but we have to consider that I am using the Velen legendary trinket that goes with it. 
Also, the 4set from T21 made a bigger impact on my HPS (generally), but the most important thing is that you have to be using WIld Growth frequently to proc it.

The Varimathras fight is a great boss to give examples on, so to give you an idea on how I start the fight.. Prehot the tank, when we pull, I use Wild Growth and 2-3 Rejuvs, then I pop Innervation and put Rejuvs mostly on the whole raid - depends on the number of people, but I keep looking at the duration of the first one that I used and when it's like 6 seconds before expiring, I use Wild Growth again, then use Flourish and Essence of G'Hanir. Since you used Innervation for most of the Rejuvenations, it saves a lot of mana and you do a ton of healing, which pretty much saves you a tranquility. 
You can apply this to other bosses as well, Kingaroth comes to mind - when the adds spawn and the whole raid is taking damage. 

It's not a good thing to use Innervation only when you are already out of mana. You can prevent yourself from being low on mana by using it when you are expecting a lot of raid wide damage and need to hot the raid. (Not sure if the log is showing it correctly, but I see you did pop Innervate after 1 min of the fight, yet didn't really make use of it)

Also I'd recommend using The cenarion ward instead of prosperity in raids, since it does more healing than swiftmend and benefits from your mastery as well, not to mention it is 2/3  of the mana cost of swiftmend.

I wish you good luck to get a better legendary then the wrists, which probably cause you to use prosperity, although I'm not sure whether it is beneficial. And make proper use of the ring by using more Wild Growth :-)

I hope I helped you a little at least :-)

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On 09/01/2018 at 12:52 PM, Illymanai said:

While Spring blossoms is a good option on Varimathras specifically, I personally don't recommend it on other fights, as I make more use of the 2 min CD on Tranquility

I'm gonna have to disagree with this - I can't think of a single fight (at least on Heroic) that I would take Inner Peace. Germination pretty much dominates on every fight except, as you say, Vari, and maybe Hasabel (much closer split for Hasabel, but there are still solid parses with it, with top 2 both using Spring Blossoms, but an even split of 5/5). Inner Peace is barely seen in decent logs, I think appearing twice total in the whole set of top parses for Antorus. It seems like something you'd only take if your raid is very bad at organising healing cooldowns, extremely undergeared so you can't heal through normal damage, or if you need multiple panic cooldowns to be used. 

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