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I have ursocs rending paw item lv 855 and unstable arcanocrystal item lv 870 just got ravage seed pod item lv 875  wondering which i should get rid of my names burleyfury on thunderhorn if you want to check out wow heroes or armory let me know what u think 

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First off, those are trinket choices and not relics. =)

Secondly, I would use the latest version of SimulationCraft to run your trinkets to see which one would combination would come out ahead. Without running the simulations myself and not knowing your haste level atm, my best guess would be the following:

  1. Unstable Arcanocrystal + Ursoc's Rending Paw
  2. Ravage Seed Pod + Ursoc's Rending Paw (depending on where your haste is at and where this trinket puts it at)
  3. Unstable Arcanocrystal + Ravage Seed Pod (I would imagine this is the worst combination of the possibilities)

These are just my guesses. Again, I would use SimulationCraft to see what can theoretically come out ahead.

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      Hey guys, I was wondering about the Legendary Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles. Would it be better to Keep Warpaint because of the Passive on it or switch to Furious Charge?
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      Hey everyone and thanks for popping in and providing with some care :)

      I've always been a pretty decent warrior in previous expansions. Maybe not over the top but never bad. However, this expansion, I'm feeling terribly weak. I perform so much subpar my gearlevel that my precious warrior now is nothing but a mere alt.
      SO,  I finally decided that it's time to stop fooling around, I want to become a good warrior again! 
      I've put up a log from an LFR grp on Xavius and can ofc put up more logs if needed. I know I messed up a few priorities in this fight due to utter chaos (LFR u know ;P) but apart from that it's no MAJOR difference from how I normally perform unfortunately:
      My gear is mostly tanking stuff but the stats are not that different in the end:
      ilvl: 868
      Crit: 13%
      Haste: 33%
      Mastery: 27%
      Vers: 9%
      Link to armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Wreckitorc/simple
      I am using simcraft and pawn for my gearchoice and regularily scan to see if anything changes with new gear etc.
      Help is much appreciated and many thanks in advance!
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      Hey there,
      I obtained 2 relics recently and can't decide which one is better for my ilvl 880 Fury war (for raiding and PvE purposes).
      – a 885 relic with Raging Berserker (1% to damage under Enrage) or
      – a 880 relic with Wrath and Fury (5% damage to Raging Blow)
      Could you point me to the right direction, please.
    • By palles
      A weak aura set up to help with fury warrior. Enrage is just the enrage icon on the left side, the other two are both part of the rotation helper.
      Basically shows when enraged, and tells you what buttons to press.
      UPDATE 8/29/16
      Moved weak aura's to center of screen, took the WW one out of the rotation helper, now when it is active use it instead of raging blow or furious slash. The Bloodthirst during this time can be a little off, I'm not certain if you should only do it when not enraged or if you should be using it on CD. I may modify the WA's to have the aoe button show up when multiple targets are around, but have the full rotation there instead of just the WW button like it is now. Also moved everything to Wago.io
      UPDATE 8/6/16
      Alright I just released an updated Rotation Helper, this one will suggest Bloodthirst/Raging Blow if the CD is less than 1.5s, instead of suggesting Furious Slash. Note that this is a little off if you have ANY haste. If you want it to be right you need to modify 4 Weak Aura's.
      Bloodthirst - GCD
      Bloodthirst - Enrage - GCD
      Raging Blow - GCD
      Raging Blow - Enrage - GCD
      On all of these, for the first trigger you need you change the remaining time from 1.5 to whatever you GCD is
      If you need to figure out what your GCD is, I use the following macro to do so:
      /cast Furious Slash
      /run local f=GcT or CreateFrame("Frame","GcT") f:SetScript("OnUpdate",function() print("CD:",(select(2,GetSpellCooldown("Furious Slash")))) f:Hide() end) f:Show()
      UPDATE 8/15/16
      Added seperate bar for CDs (should have all covered, including orc/troll racial)
      Added Odyn's Fury
      Changed how WW works. (If there are atleast 3 targets in range it will always show the WW icon, basically, as well as the number of mobs in range in the center of the icon.)
      Some other minor bug fixes in the rotation helper.
      Added Bladestorm (I'm not really sure when this is supposed to be used TBH so right now it shows if 3 mobs in range and off CD.)
      Link: https://wago.io/NkFH7O65b

      Video: https://youtu.be/Z4zoMQTgLvs
      Video: https://youtu.be/uimyjcq_dvg
    • By Tobacha
      ok need some help here. I have followed the Fury guide from this site and almost have the stats in alignment with what is suggested from it. I have been trying to upload combat logs from Ask Mr Robot but I keep getting some error where I cannot add my gear to it and then it tells me to close app. So this is what I have so far. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Tabock/advanced
      As for my rotation i hit rampage when it procs all the time, I also use Bloodthirst and rarely use furious slash. I use it more it seems as a filler. I do however use the talented version of Raging Blow, it does a lot of dmg. I really seem to WW a lot when in doubt a lot, a lot. I also use Bladestorm usually when my cd's are active.
      If I make Rampage and Raging Blow up at all times and when I do I see a slight boost in my dps. but otherwise it is trash right now...:(
      So I will need help if somebody would be so kind as to maybe give me some direction toward uploading combat logs. Thank you ahead of time for your help.