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[Archived] Hearthstone Mid Budget Hunter Aggro Deck

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This is my mid cost Hunter deck if anyone cares to try it out, i just very slightly modified the high cost deck that was posted here, Removing tracking, arcane shot and the elven archers. Adding 2 loot hoarders and starving buzzards for more draw power which is essential if u are forced to the late game where this deck def gets weaker. 


2x Flare
2x Leper Gnome
2x Explosive Trap
2x Misdirection
2x Unleash The Hounds
2x Bluegill Warrior
2x Ironbeak Owl
2x Loot Hoarder
2x Starving Buzzard
2x Eaglehorn Bow
2x Animal Companion
1x Deadly Shot
2x Kill Command
2x Arcane Golem
2x Wolfrider
1x Leeroy Jenkins
Total Cost to Craft - 2840
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I just 'updated' my deck using the new updated posted here, except I swapped out the hyena and snake trap for 2x Flare (the extra draw power and hard counters to secrets/stealth are just worth it over the situational hyena/snakes) 


And I made it to rank 13. Which is the highest i've gone so THANK YOU for that. 


I managed to kept a 2-1 win/loss ratio with this deck, which was annoying as I got so close to being on streaks. 


And whenever i actually lost it was 80% of the time due to losing focus and attacking a minion instead of the life points (i cant tell you how many times i would bring them down to 1 health and lose the game as they pulled a magic combo at the very end) every single time i'd lose by 1 point is because i didnt' stay committed to attacking their health 


Games would almost always be decided by turn 9. Either i'm crushing their health and setting them up for the final attack from my hero power, or i have managed a good draw and hit them with so many combos early on that they cant recover. 


I urge any aspiring players to try this deck recipe, and get some practice games in. It'll def take you far. Rank 13 is my personal best currently looking forward to updates to the other decks you guys have i'm eager to update my own decks by mixing in some of your ideas

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