Need help with Vuh'Do for Malkorok

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I am using Vuh'Do as my raid frame loving it.  But when we take on Malkorok, my frames are only showing when someone's shield is orange; not red, green, or absent.  How do I change Vuh'Do to show the different levels of shielding?





Farstriders - The Senatus Altius

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You'll have to add the custom  buff/debuff    Ancient Barrier,  Weak Barrier, Strong Barrier.  If you have any setup questions here is the link from Krazyito for Customizing Vuhdo:


Vuhdo Thread

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To be specific, go to debuffs, custom, add. Strong Ancient Barrier. Save.  Add. Weak Ancient Barrier. Save.  Add. Ancient Barrier. Save.


I ran LFR shortly after to make sure I had it right, worked like a boss. 

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This blog post was absolutely fantastic for me (progressing on Heroic Malkorok atm). It goes through the process already described, and shows you how to set it up so that your bars change colour based on the shield level (makes things much more straightforward).


Another tip: If you're seeing Ancient Miasma on your bars, you can remove it by going into Debuffs -> Ignore -> add Ancient Miasma (it's applied to everyone by default so not really worth having shown).

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Thanks Stoove! H Malk tonight so I am looking forward to seeing the colored bars, just changed that yesterday.

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