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Updates on class and encounter guides

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Today, we updated several of our guides following user comments:

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    • By Bane
      Hi all,
      So I'm returning to WoW after taking about a year off and am looking for a little assistance with my Outlaw Rogue because I am apparently missing something.
      I've followed IV's Outlaw Rogue Guide as closely as I could. Here's a breakdown of what I'm running with:
      Armory:àné/simple Warcraft Logs (H Ursoc for example): My rotation is (as far as I can tell) right from the Guide M4D to RTB AB &  CotDB simultaneously when I can Guildie for comparison (with lower ilvl): So I'm not currently running Ghostly Strike, which I am considering changing. But overall I feel  like sometimes I'm waiting for the "perfect" moment to cast AB/CotDB, so as not to waste any time on it. Also, my when I RTB, I will always typically get 1 buff and I feel like I am wasting CPs  rerolling two, three or four times.
      Anyway.. I'm geared well, and I've got my weapons pretty high - I feel like I am underachieving and looking for any assistance this community can lend.
    • By Quentio
      I tried to collect information about roll the bones by reading and watching guides but i feel like there are so many details that are not mentioned. So it leads me to create this thread with all my recent questions that came to my mind while playing this spec. I would really appreciate it if someone who is more experienced than me in theorycrafting could reply.

      1. Ill start with general questions when I go through my normal rotation
           with NO cooldowns activated.

          - 1.1  I  heard that I want to reroll until I have 2 buffs active and
                  that no single buff is worth keeping in my normal rotation. Are there
                  exceptions? Do I want to reroll some buffs even if 2 are active? (Saw in    
                 a thread that you want to reroll Grand Meele)

        - 1.2  I know there is no real difference if I cast Run Through at 5+ or 6 CP but       
                 does that change when the buff Broadsides is up? Do I want to cast Run
                 Through at 4+ CP to not waste 2 CP if the Pistol Shot procs? If not, does it
                 change when I ALSO have the buff Jolly Roger up because  more
                 pistol shot procs = more wasted CPs?
      2. Following questions are about the OPENING sequence with Adrenaline and

         - 2.1 The Icy-Veins guide tells me to keep Shark Invested Waters or 2 buffs.
                 Other sources say that true bearing is also worth keeping because it resets
                 Adrenaline Rush, is it good to keep this buff aswell?

         - 2.2 Are there exceptions aswell with the 2 buffs ? I feel like Broadsides, Jolly
                Roger and Buried Treasure are useless in the opener because of
                Adrenaline Rush and Artifact. Whats the benefit in rolling Broadsides +
                Jolly Roger ?

        - 2.3 Do you always want  have the in 2.1 mentioned buffs up BEFORE you use
              your cooldowns even if u get unlucky and fish multiple times or do you just
              use CDs and fish while using them ? It doesnt really make a difference for
              me if I fish 4 times before CDs or 4 times in CDs except I have DMG trinkets
              or other DMG increases activated, right?

      Okay these are all the things that bothered me while playing
      It would be awesome if you guys could discuss these questions with me !
    • By PatrickFN
      Hi there,
      i got some issues with my DPS in raids.
      Im playing Ret for about 4 Months now.
      Luckily we got another Ret paladin in our Guild, so you can compare our logs.
      Im still not  good enough in analyzing Logs, so im asking for your help.
      Carackters : 
      My Paladin :
      His Paladin :ýa/advanced
      My Logs:
      His Logs:
      im using the Rotation recommended by icey-veins
      I tried using Divine Puropse and Justicar's Vengance like he is doing, but Crusade seems to give me more DPS.
      I hope you can help me with my Problems.
    • By Avanti
      Who Are We?
      We are a group of returning skilled and experienced wow players that have been playing together since vanilla WoW, boasting ranks as high as US top 10. We have led other guilds to success in the past and are once again looking to do that in Legion.
      What is QQ?
      QQ is a US based semi-hardcore guild full of members who enjoy aggresively and timely clearing mythic raid content. We are planning to compete for US top 100 and are seeking like-minded and exceptional players to help us achieve that goal.
      What are your raid times?
      Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (optional Mon) at 8:30pm-11:30/12pm PST 
      Raid invites will go out 15 minutes prior to raid.
      Do you have a VOIP?
      We use Discord. Join us on discord if you have more questions, want to join, or just want to hang out! Check the "Shoutbox" for an invite.
      Roster: We will have a roster of 24 people and wish to stay around that number. We understand real life RNG occurs. 
      Loot: We use a loot council system to evenly distribute loot among our raid.
      What We Expect:
      You have done what you can to min/max your character.
      You are confident in your abilities to play your class, and can take constructive criticism.
      You are aware of and can move from hazardous encounter mechanics, with little negative effect on your dps/healing/etc.
      You are searching for a long term guild to progress into future tiers with.
      Current classes we have a high demand for:
      Druid - Boomkin and Feral
      Priest - Shadow
      Warlock - Destro/Demo
       * Note this is for core spots in Mythic Progression *
      Please note if you don't see your class/spec listed fill free to throw an application in we are always looking for exceptional players to add to our roster.
      Please register on the website and submit an application if you plan on raiding/playing with us. You can register at our website at
      If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact any one of us.
    • By Damien
      This thread is for comments about our Yogg Dragon Druid Standard deck.